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The Bible in the standard translation


The Psalms, chapter 31


God the safe haven

Ps 31.1[For the choir master. A psalm of David.]Ps 31: 2Lord, I seek refuge in you. / Don't ever let me fail; / save me in your righteousness!Ps 31.3Turn your ear to me / deliver me soon! Be a protective rock to me / a strong castle that saves me.Ps 31: 4Because you are my rock and my castle; / for your name's sake you will lead and guide me.Ps 31.5You will free me from the net that they secretly laid for me; / because you are my refuge.Ps 31.6In your hands I place my spirit with confidence; / You have redeemed me, Lord, you faithful God.Ps 31.7You hate all who worship vain idols, but I trust in the Lord.Ps 31.8I want to cheer and rejoice in your grace; / for you have seen my misery, / you are familiar with my misery.Ps 31: 9You have not given me up to the violence of my enemy / you have given my feet free space.Ps 31:10Lord, have mercy on me, for I am afraid; / My eyes, soul and body fall apart from grief.Ps 31:11My life fades in sorrow, / my years pass in sighs. My strength is exhausted in misery, / my limbs have fallen apart.Ps 31.12I have become a mockery of all my enemies, a scorn for my neighbors, a horror for friends; / Anyone who sees me on the street flees from me.Ps 31:13I vanished from memory like a dead man / became like a broken vessel.Ps 31:14I hear the hiss of the crowd - horror all around. / They team up against me; / they are thinking of stealing my life.Ps 31.15But I, Lord, I trust you, / I say: "You are my God."Ps 31:16My fate is in your hand; / Snatch me from the hand of my enemies and persecutors!Ps 31:17Let your face shine on your servant / help me in your kindness.Ps 31:18Lord, do not fail me / for I call to you. The wicked should fail, / fall silent and descend into the realm of the dead.Ps 31:19Every mouth that lies should close, / the mouth that speaks impudently against the righteous, / haughty and contemptuous.Ps 31.20How great is your goodness, Lord, / which you hold ready for all who fear and honor you; you show it to all who flee to you from people.Ps 31:21You protect them in the protection of your brow / from the raging of people. As if under one roof, you keep them from the bickering of tongues.Ps 31:22Praise be to the Lord, who acted wonderfully in me / and showed me his kindness in the time of distress.Ps 31:23But in my fear I thought: / I am outcast from you. But you heard my loud pleading when I called you for help.Ps 31:24Love the Lord, all who are pious! / The Lord looks after his faithful, / but he repays the haughty for what they do in full measure.Ps 31.25May your hearts be strong and daring, all of you who wait for the Lord.