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Eyelid lift in the eye center

The eyelid correction in our eye center is carried out on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia and twilight sleep. The eyelid lift is painless. The sutures are removed within 7 days.

The ophthalmic technology is based on a special method of aesthetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery and also includes tightening of the eyelid muscles, which is very important for the sustainability of the result.

The tension of the upper eyelid is restored by gently tightening the tissue using high-frequency technology. This is where the technique used by eyelid surgeons differs significantly from the often used pure skin removal by aesthetic surgeons.

The cost of a bilateral eyelid lift for drooping eyelids is around € 1,600 plus VAT.

The Eyelid correction and eyelid lift belong to the Focus of our eye surgeons specially trained in eyelid surgery with experience in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery (oculoplasty).

Eyelid correction and eyelid lift key data

  • The procedure is not painful
  • Duration approx. 20 minutes per side
  • Operation under local anesthesia and twilight sleep
    (General practitioner examination usually not required)
  • Plaster strips for approx. 7 days after the procedure
  • Sutures are pulled after approx. 7 days
  • Make-up on the wound is possible from 10 days after eyelid tightening

See all the facts in 1 minute in our video!

  • Eyelid lift eye center Munich Dr. Parasta

Info video about eyelid tightening (2:47 min)

In the following video you will find a brief overview of the causes and correction procedures of eyelid tightening. We carry out the operation without the use of a scalpel, exclusively using the low-bleeding high-frequency technique and additional muscle tightening.

  • Eyelid tightening for drooping eyelids -

Information video on correcting drooping eyelids - remove drooping eyelids

In this video, Dr. Parasta the cause of drooping eyelids and the process of an eyelid correction operation with high-frequency technology.

Duration 16:02 min

00:40–02:00How do droopy eyelids arise
02:01–02:51Advantages of twilight sleep in eyelid correction surgery
02:52–04:35Why do we use HF technology for eyelid tightening
04:36–05:33Anesthesia of the eyelids with ointment and disinfection
05:34–06:53Marking the eyelids
06:54–07:56Injection of the eyelids with local anesthesia
07:57–08:43Removal of the excess eyelid skin
08:44–10:05Sustainable tightening of the eyelid muscles
10:06–10:31Inhibition of infection and swelling during eyelid surgery
10:32–13:45Close the wound with sutures and skin glue
13:46–14:53How does smoking affect wound healing during eyelid surgery?
14:54–15:55Follow-up care after eyelid surgery - surgery and advice
  • Correction of drooping eyelids (eyelid tightening) with high-frequency technology

Experience report eyelid lift

What thoughts do you have before an eyelid lift? What do you feel during an operation? How do you feel after the eyelid surgery? These are just a few questions that go through the minds of many who are planning an eyelid lift.
In this video, Gebriele Lehnen reports on their experience with their eyelid lift

  • Experience report of eyelid tightening surgery by Ms. Lehnen at Dr. Parasta

What are the risks of an eyelid lift?

There are some special features that can have a negative impact on wound healing.

Dr. Parasta explains what to watch out for, e.g. for smokers or patients with hyperthyroidism. And how hormone fluctuations can also affect the healing process.


  • Eyelid lift risks: what can happen during an eyelid lift?

The surgical procedure, anesthesia and aftercare

The anesthesia

The correction on the upper eyelids is carried out in local anesthesia and twilight sleep and ispainless

The Advantage of twilight sleep consists in the Lowering blood pressure during the procedure: thereby reduces the risk of bleeding and the Eyelids are after the procedure less swollen.

A separate preliminary examination by a GP (OP approval) for twilight sleep is not required with us if you do not suffer from serious diseases of the heart or the respiratory tract.

The operation

The eyelid lift takes about 20 minutes per side: After Removal of excess skin and Tightening of the tissue by means of high frequency technology, aSuture thread under the skin without knots placed. The thin seam line lies exactly in the upper crease of the eyelid and is not visible when the eye is open. Immediately after the procedure, this line is covered with sterile plaster strips (Steristrips). It is best to use cooling pads to cool the eyelids for the next few hours after the operation.

The aftercare

On the day of the operation and the following days, the swelling can be treated preventively by homeopathic treatment (e.g. Arnica Globuli 30C - 3x 5 globules).

Dr. In this information video, Parasta explains what to watch out for after an eyelid lift

  • Follow-up care of an eyelid lift: What should I pay attention to after an eyelid lift?

The skin care afterwards

After about 7 days will the Plaster strips and the skin suture removed painlessly. You can put make-up on your upper eyelids 10 days after the operation. You can then go back to normal sport. Moisturizing care that you get from us will make the seam line increasingly invisible over the next few days. Please do not use this and other creams on the wound until the 10th day after the operation so as not to soften the wound prematurely.

Our treatment goal

The tightening of the upper eyelids should be done so naturally that that Result of the correction a visibly fresh and relaxed expression in your eyes is. Enjoy your new fresh facial expression.

Additional measures: Hyaluronic acid injection for wrinkle treatment (in the same surgical session)

As a supplementary measure, the facial wrinkles can also be injected with hyaluronic acid in the same session as the drooping eyelid correction (eyelid tightening).

In contrast to "botox", hyaluronic acid is not a poison, but a natural substance that also occurs in the body itself. Hyaluron is the strongest biological moisturizer that can fill wrinkles very well thanks to its water-binding property.

The additional costs for the hyaluron injection are between 285 euros and 450 euros (depending on the amount of hyaluron required).

Find out more here
for hyaluronic acid injection

The treatment costs  
Initial medical consultation by your surgeon approx. 55 euros
Eyelid tightening for drooping eyelids (upper eyelids on both sides) approx. 1,600 euros *
Anesthesia costs for twilight sleep approx. 250 euros *
Hyaluronic wrinkle injection (1 injection, 1 session) approx. 220 euros *
Each additional hyaluronic acid syringe in the same session 90 euros *
Advice and corrective interventions during operations by other surgeons
(4-fold GOÄ increase rate)
at cost
* Aesthetic interventions are always subject to VAT and are not reimbursed by health insurance companies * *) Additionally 19 percent value-added tax.

Reimbursement by health insurance companies or health insurance companies

Correcting the drooping eyelids is the most common procedure in aesthetic surgery. Aesthetic interventions are not part of the service catalog of health insurers and private health insurances. For this reason, the regulations on reimbursement for eyelid corrections have become increasingly strict in recent years. The costs of an eyelid correction can only be submitted if there was a demonstrable functional disorder of the eyelids and this must be treated. The doctor's assessment is not sufficient for this. The functional failure must be objectively proven and documented.

This is the case if, in addition to a drooping eyelid, there is unilateral or bilateral weakness of the eyelid lifters (ptosis) and a combined intervention on the eyelid lifters, eyelid closing muscles and eyelid skin is required.

To prove such a functional disorder (which occurs in very rare cases), extensive examinations are necessary, which also cause additional costs. (Orthoptic status, visual field examination and standardized photo documentation)

If there is no significant functional disorder, then the costly diagnosis should be dispensed with in order to save costs for the patient, since in the very likely case of non-reimbursement the patient would also "stay seated" on these costs.

As part of your initial consultation, we will be happy to inform you if a submission to the health insurance company is promising in your specific case and only then will we carry out the appropriate diagnostic measures.