How loves an ISTP

activist personality

When it comes to relationships, there is hardly anyone who is more excited to share with their partner the wealth of ideas and enlightening experiences that life has to offer than activists. For people with the activist personality type, relationships are a joyful process of mutual exploration and imagination, a chance to connect with another soul. Activists take their relationships seriously and are known for their unrestrained and unwavering devotion to the people they have entrusted their hearts to.

The advantage for activists is their irresistible charm when it comes to winning a partner - the warmth, excitement and passion of the activists are simply irresistible.

When activists tolerate such a formal process as dating at all, they display these qualities by showering their new flames with affection; they will do everything possible to build a strong relationship by showing their dedication and reliability by all means available.

You cannot live without fire

Long-distance relationships are not uncommon among activists, as they view spatial distance as just another idea that concepts like love cannot compete with. This gives them the chance to prove their commitment by, on the one hand, remaining loyal despite the physical distance, but on the other hand, endeavoring to surprise their partner by overcoming this distance on a whim. This is evidence of the mysterious, idealism, and deep emotions of activists, and such efforts often cause a relationship to burn brightly.

People with the personality type activist also express these ideals sexually, explore the physical with imagination and passion, see this time together as a chance to show their feelings for one another and to share their love and affection. Activists also willingly experiment with their partners early in a relationship, but they can also be curiously perfectionist, believing that these physical acts express their deeper love and, as such, should not be carried out lightly. This perfectionism is also reflected in their sensitivity, their desire not to disappoint - and activists also appreciate a well-placed compliment.

Not everyone can handle the excitement, occasional need, and emotional ups and downs that this philosophy brings with it, be it over long distances or long term, mystical or physical. Activists are constantly exploring new ideas and improvements, fantasizing about future opportunities - in dating, this tendency to look to the potential rather than the present can backfire, and their own spontaneity makes it difficult for activists to focus on their ultimate goal, a long-term one Relationship, focus. If their partners are unable to respond to these periods of excitement and abandonment, activists will likely end up feeling unhappy and misunderstood.

So you think you know the real me?

Activists are deeply involved in their relationships, and when they fail despite their best efforts, they often end up plagued by questions about why the relationship failed and what they could have done differently - without a lifebuoy, such thoughts can destroy activists' self-esteem as they sink into depression. For people with an activist personality, as for anyone else, it is important to realize that relationships are mutual in every way - mutual interest, mutual growth, and mutual responsibility - and that they cannot be solely responsible.

After such an experience, activists may be reluctant to open up and get involved, and it may take years for a partner to navigate their bewildering depth and intensity because they mistakenly believe the enthusiasm and apparent openness is of activists means that they are open to everything. In reality, the activists' spontaneity, the apparent contradiction, and the erratic behavior that the untrained eye sees is not a product of volatility or lack of depth, but rather the opposite - it is the need to have ideas about a mystical, all-encompassing energy within the confines of one physical world, and behind it all stands the unifying principle of love, which is expressed in many different ways, but at its core is unshakable and infinite.