What is lean management

Lean Management - A Simple Definition!

As Lean management Definition (dt. Lean management) results in the following comprehensive objective in the business environment: “Efficient design of the entire value chain by avoiding waste, regardless of the type of product (goods or services), the production processes or the company areas”.

What is Lean Management? These principles are behind it:

  • Customer focus: All processes and procedures are geared towards meeting customer requirements.
  • Continuous improvement: The development of continuous, step-by-step and specific suggestions for improvement by involving all employees.
  • Personal responsibility and teamwork: Tasks are done in a team and the employees are responsible for carrying out their activities. The employees are supported by the standards introduced by the company for the respective areas of activity.
  • Standardization: There is a standardization of repetitive activities. Every employee has to adhere to them, but suggestions for improving the standards are an explicit part of the lean culture in the company.
  • Feedback: Support and appreciation of employees through direct feedback and feedback based on objective figures, data, facts and subjective opinions and reactions.
  • Looking ahead: Alignment of corporate decisions with the long-term success of the company.
  • Eliminate waste: Optimization of processes company-wide through the use of methods, ways of thinking and tools to avoid waste (Japanese Muda).

Your company receives these advantages through lean management

The essential content of Lean Management is to internalize a new corporate culture. This new culture should not judge or punish mistakes. Errors and problems are viewed as valuable opportunities for further development and improvement of their own company.

At the same time, the lean management definition results in the associated methods for increasing your own added value along the entire value chain (English supply chain). This is essentially done by identifying and eliminating the waste that has been addressed.

Special feature: The use of lean in the construction industry

The use of lean methods and tools in the construction industry is called Lean Construction and is explained appropriately in the video - in less than 3 minutes:

Lean management definition: path = goal

The focus is on optimizing all processes through the use of lean methods, ways of thinking and tools. Customer orientation and cost reduction are the two most important aspects of the Lean Management principle. These should be achieved through the use of process-oriented corporate management and the design of clearly defined processes.

With its unique methods and the associated way of thinking, Lean Management thus offers the possibility of optimally adapting to volatile market requirements.

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