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Note (German)

Part of Speech: Abbreviation

Word meaning / definition:
1) Registration
2) Note (s)
Application examples:
2) see previous Note


Similar words (German):Ann.

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

On Easter Monday the central final rally of the Easter marches in Frankfurt am Main took place on the "Römer" (Rathausplatz in Frankfurt - Note d. Red.) Instead.
Red Flag News, April 24, 2019

A state of emergency has been imposed on the Russian double island of Novaya Zemlya. This is reported by the government of the Arkhangelsk region (in northwestern Russia on the White Sea - Note d. Red.) On their official website.
Sputnik Germany, February 9, 2019

'' The BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Note der Red.) plays an indispensable role in protecting internal security in the Federal Republic of Germany.
RTLNext, September 03, 2018

'My colleague (Julian Nagelsmann, Note d. Red.) Is doing a great job there and has raised the team to this level.
90min, September 13, 2018

'I have not received an offer, nor do I know where he (Negredo; Note d. Red) is. He has until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to take part in the training.
LigaBlatt, September 16, 2018

As before [in the book - Note d.
Tichy's Insight, March 28, 2020

The trial of the fascist party "Chrysi Aygi" (Golden Dawn, Note d. Red.), A criminal organization in Greece.
Rote Fahne News, October 07, 2020

The Bolivian Ministry of Government (previously - Ministry of Interior, Note d.
Sputnik Germany, November 18, 2019

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, the midfielder gushed: 'He (Klopp, Note d.
Spox, April 12, 2020

With the meeting he only wanted 'the shadows of our (meaning FIFA, Note d. Red.) Finally drive out the past '.
GMX, September 4th, 2020

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sentir: …Call the police. Bingo, moles [in the joking sense of "little wannabe informers", editor's note. Practice]! They'll get you. 4) "Il s'était mis, pour ne plus sentir la ...

Chimney:… Covered. At the same time, a nearly half a meter wide chimney is built into the sand wall. Ed.], Which can be up to 20 meters deep, which is finally covered with a clay ...

Ann.: See also: ann. Ann. (German) Part of Speech: Abbreviation Meaning / Definition: 1) Assumption 2) Annals 3) Annex 4) Advertisement Similar terms: Note.

Xenophilia: ... more. ”1)“ According to this, the story shows “fateful interactions of such xenophilias [preference for strangers, editor's note. Red.] "." Translations English: ...

Egg crown: “By delivering the eggshells to the fair society“ Rheinische Jugend ”every year, the residents give the order to create the landmark (= the egg crown, note

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