Who is Lucifer's mother

Charlotte Richards

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Charlotte Richards



Human / possessed by divine being



Charlotte Richards shortly after her death served as host for the soul of the goddess of creation, who is the mother of all angels and the ex-wife of God.

Life [edit | Edit source]

Charlotte was killed by her co-worker of professional jealousy. The goddess of creation then owned her body. In the final episode of the second season, the goddess leaves Charlotte's body and Charlotte's soul comes back to her body. She has no idea what happened during the occupation of her body, which is why she is insecure. Her soul was in hell where she was tortured. So she became a prosecutor to get a pure soul. Amenadiel tells Charlotte everything that happened.

Powers and abilities Edit source]

  • immortality: The goddess was called immortal.
  • Superhuman strength: During a brief fight with a robber, she instinctively pushes him and she then threw him against a wall, killing him instantly. She could easily lift Amenadiel into the air, too.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

In her human shell (Charlotte Richards), the goddess of creation is a tall, attractive woman with long, light brown-blonde hair. When she is stabbed with a knife towards the end of season 2, you can see that her inner consists of bright yellow light.

Death [edit | Edit source]

In season 3 episode 23, Charlotte and Amenadiel talk about their actions. As a result, Marcus accidentally shoots Charlotte twice in the chest instead of Amenadiel. She then dies after her last word in Amenadiel's arms. At this moment Amenadiel regains his wings and flies into the sky with Charlotte's soul. Chloe later learns of her death and cries.

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