Should I cut off my superficial friend

Hairstyle crisis

It can bother him.
But he has to live with that, it's your body.
You don't have to feel bad about that yet.

First and foremost, it is important that you feel comfortable.
And do not correspond to the ideal of your husband.
I also had my long hair cut off, and certainly not asked my husband ... and whether I wear it long again is my business too.
Sometimes I'm blonde, sometimes black, at the moment bright red and raspelkurz. My husband also says what he likes better and what he likes less, but that doesn't mean that I let myself be influenced by which hairstyle I wear.

My husband also removed his beard and had a bald head shaved.
And imagine: he didn't ask me how I thought about it.
I also have a nose piercing, so I just came home with it, my husband got a tattoo on his arm, even though he knows I find it sucks.
But he has to be comfortable with you. This is important to me.

I am also a little overweight and have gained 10 kg in a short period of time.

That bothers me, but not so much that I want to change something.
My husband does strength training and has become very muscular as a result, I don't think that's nice, but he likes himself ...
So relax and let him talk.
You don't define yourself by pleasing your husband.

If you lose your breasts due to cancer or go bald due to an illness, does he leave you because you no longer meet his expectations?
What are you to him, does he mainly define you by your appearance?
If anyone had reason to be angry, it would be you.