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The perfect ring for your marriage proposal

Anyone planning to propose to their partner will quickly find themselves confronted with many questions. First of all, some people might think: Do you even need a ring for this? Yes and no - theoretically you can of course get engaged without a ring. Most couples still choose to wear an engagement ring for both of them or just the bride. Because if the question “Do you want to marry me?” Is answered with a yes, the ring is a symbol of the mutual promise of marriage and thus has great emotional value.

Classically, in Europe and the USA, an engagement ring is usually a solitaire ring (i.e. with a single stone that is framed by prongs / stilts). Of course you can also opt for any other design - you just need to know what the taste of your future one is. So that you make the right choice when buying, we have put together the most important questions about the perfect ring for your application:

Who will buy the ring for the marriage proposal?

Originally, the engagement ring was mostly bought by the groom. The woman then wore it on her left ring finger until the wedding. Sometimes it was also common for the engagement ring to be selected together. This was especially the case when it was later to serve as a wedding ring at the same time. Even today, some couples want to use their engagement rings for their wedding ceremony later on. In recent years, however, the custom has also increased that both partners choose an engagement ring to demonstrate their togetherness. The Rings can then either be selected together after the wedding proposal or one of the two partners makes this decision alone, buying one Application ring and surprises his counterpart with a romantic proposal.

Very few people find it too difficult to assess the taste of their loved one and in this way the big moment of the marriage proposal remains a little secret for the time being. If you go to buy rings together, you will miss this wonderful experience, but you can be a little more certain of the partner's answer. In any case, the old gender clichés are changing, as is the case with buying a ring - but many women still want the man to take the initiative when they get engaged and want to be surprised. Ultimately, you can decide individually who in your relationship should buy the ring, who should wear it and whether it should later also serve as a wedding ring.

What should you look out for when buying an engagement ring?

When you have made up your mind to propose, the planning begins. Before buying a ring, many wonder what you should actually pay attention to in order to enjoy your engagement ring for as long as possible. The most important thing is that the ring (s) suit you or your partner. But in addition to personal taste, your budget also plays a role, of course. It is best to get an overview of different materials, stone trimmings and other design details in order to understand how price and quality are interrelated. You will quickly find out which rings are suitable for you and can then choose the perfect engagement ring for your future partner from this selection.

It is also important to make sure that the material of the ring matches your future wedding rings, if you plan to continue wearing both rings after the wedding. After all, it would be a shame if the engagement ring only ended up in the jewelry box because it simply does not harmonize with the wedding ring. If you are not sure whether two materials fit together, simply compare them online in ours Wedding ring configurator. Here you can admire your future rings from all sides and think about which colors you would like to combine with each other.

After you have selected your rings and ordered them inconspicuously in an undisturbed moment, we at AURONIA ensure that they are delivered in discreet packaging so that your partner does not yet suspect his future happiness.

Are you wondering how much an engagement ring should cost? You will find good ones in our guide Clues.

What material should the ring for the marriage proposal have?

Engagement rings are often made of white gold to highlight a diamond or zirconia stone. However, this choice of material is not mandatory, but you can choose the ring according to your individual taste. Noble yellow gold or platinum can be just as impressive as stylish palladium or modern red or rose gold.

If you are making the choice without your partner, it is important to know if they are allergic to certain metals. Some people cannot tolerate certain precious metals. For allergy sufferers, e.g. platinum is particularly recommended, as it is hyperallergenic and cannot cause problems for the ring bearer under any circumstances. Which material it should ultimately be is in the eye of the beholder and is ultimately always a question of budget and character. If you know that your partner is particularly enthusiastic about this noble color, you should choose a gold ring that will accompany you in your everyday life from now on.

Do engagement rings usually have stones?

The classic ring for a wedding proposal is a solitaire ring. The diamond or zirconia framed with claws or stilts can be large and sparkling, but also small and delicate. Whether its surface is flawless or, for example, in a fine white with very small inclusions, is a matter of taste, as is the size of the stone. But of course a stone is not a must. If you want to create your very own engagement ring, you can do so in our configurator. First of all, the question arises whether your partner would prefer large or small stones. The easiest way to do this is to pay attention to your partner's jewelry: does your girlfriend wear a lot of glitter or large, eye-catching jewelry, for example? Or does she prefer subtle and reserved pieces of jewelry that have, for example, very small stones? Sometimes couples also decide to set the woman's engagement ring with stones, while the man's ring is rather simple. Everything is possible.

What engravings are there for engagement rings?

An engraving turns the engagement ring into something very personal. That is why many men or women have a special confession of love, a date or a name engraved on the inside of their selected ring before applying. Engravings on the outside of the ring are still rather rare, as the message is often supposed to be a lover's secret and does not necessarily have to be immediately visible.

There are many different Ideas for engraving your rings. If you don't have a particular thought in mind right away, then these suggestions can inspire you. A special idea are, for example, sayings that start on one ring and are only completed through the other ring. In this way you create a great symbol for your togetherness. Because the engraving may look like a small detail of the engagement ring at first, but the effect of this personal message is special. After all, it is this engraving that makes your wedding proposal rings unique.

How do I know in which style my partner would like his application ring?

Anyone planning the application without the knowledge of their partner also carries a tiny risk, because then you have to assess the taste of your loved one yourself. This will of course be easier if you have already spoken to each other about the application. Try to remember how your partner described their dream ring. Sometimes women in particular are very detailed in their imagination, then you have to listen carefully and ideally take notes in secret. If you cannot access such records, a close friend or sibling who knows the partner well may also help.

A look into the jewelry box can also help: does a certain material predominate here? Are the pieces of jewelery rather conspicuous and large or delicate and small? If you are still not smarter at this point, you can simply take your loved one past a jewelry store inconspicuously. What does the other's gaze fall on? What does he not like at all? A lot can also be said about the future rings using the exclusion criteria. In the end you will find that the risk is not that great. After all, you know your partner best and know what they might like.

More tips on how to do the right style for the engagement ring can be found here in our guide.

How do I make the perfect marriage proposal?

For a long time, the classic marriage proposal consisted of the man falling on his knees in front of his girlfriend and asking her if she wanted to be his wife. If the bride-to-be answered "yes", then she would Engagement ring put on the ring finger of the left hand. Even today, of course, you cannot avoid the one important question in your application. But there are a thousand different ways to pose this. How to finally find the perfect Marriage proposal depends on what you and your partner feel most comfortable with personally. You can of course conjure up the ring out of a beautiful box if you ask the question of all questions, but you can just as easily hide it in a champagne glass or something edible, put it on your partner's finger while you sleep or make elaborate packaging that may not be immediately recognizable as a ring box at first glance. Just let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas and calmly consider what the right framework for your promise would be. There is no right or wrong here, only the individually best variant for both of you.

Which hand do you wear an engagement ring on?

In Germany, the wedding ring is often worn on the ring finger of the right hand. That is why one often wears the engagement ring on the left hand. However, this is often different in other European countries and the USA - so if one of you comes from one of these countries (e.g. Switzerland or France), you can of course also adopt the local custom. It is crucial that the engagement ring is worn until the wedding day. Then it either changes to the right hand as a wedding ring, is removed or still worn on the left, while the wedding ring on the right is allowed to shine.

The tradition of the left hand comes from ancient times: in Greece and Egypt people believed that there was a so-called love vein (vena amiris) that led directly from the heart to this hand. This gave rise to the custom of wearing one's ring on the left hand. However, this is not a rule set in stone. You can decide for yourself whether you want to follow the tradition or prefer to wear your rings on other fingers. Sometimes this can also be a question of comfort, especially for left-handers it is often uncomfortable to carry on this hand. So don't let anything dictate to you, but consider together how it is best for you.

What happens to the engagement ring after the wedding?

Actually, the symbolic task of the engagement ring is done with the wedding day: the promise has been kept, so the ring could disappear in a drawer. Often wedding couples who have chosen particularly beautiful engagement rings want to continue to wear them. Then there are three options: either you just keep putting the engagement ring on your left hand as before, you wear the engagement ring on your right ring finger after the wedding, or you decide on a side ring right from the start, i.e. a combination that works Your previous engagement ring together with the wedding ring. This American custom is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Couples often choose reserved wedding rings for this, which do not steal the show from the eye-catching engagement rings (with stones), but complement them.

No matter whether on the same, different hands or even on the same finger - if you intend to wear your engagement rings after the wedding, then you have to make sure that yours when choosing the material, the stones and the design right from the start In the end, pieces of jewelery harmonize well with each other. In addition, you should bear in mind that sometimes rings have to be widened or made narrower over the years - this is not possible with every model. If you clarify these questions beforehand, you will enjoy the rings that remind you of the big day of the marriage proposal for a very long time.

Well prepared for the big day of the marriage proposal

Anyone can marry - the only difficult thing is to find the woman, the ring and the people to invite. So, or something like that, is the saying in a proverb. If you have already managed points 1 and 3, then point 2 should not be difficult for you with our tips. Ultimately, it remains your decision whether you choose the engagement rings together or whether the one ring for the marriage proposal should be a long-planned surprise. Then it helps to be extra attentive to learn about the partner's preferences. Determining the right ring size, choosing everything for the perfect marriage proposal and choosing the right hand to put on the ring will then be child's play for you.

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