Are GMOs good or bad

Is genetic engineering good or bad?

Question: What is "green genetic engineering" and how does it work?

Answer: All plants, like animals or humans, consist of many tiny cells. These small cells contain even smaller building blocks that are linked together like a chain. Put simply, these are genes. Information is stored in the genes - they determine, for example, what color the plant is, how big it is or how resistant to bacteria. Researchers can take these gene chains apart and put them back together again - and thus change the properties of the plant. For example, plants can be grown to grow faster or to be larger and more resistant to pests. This process is known as genetic engineering.

Question: Is genetic engineering good or bad?

Answer: There are different opinions on this. Genetic engineering enables farmers to get more harvests. Plants could also be grown to contain more vitamins or other important substances. Critics fear that it is unhealthy for humans. Another objection: the wind can carry away the seeds of these genetically modified plants, causing them to mix with other, untreated plants.

In Austria it is not allowed to grow genetically modified plants. However, farm animals such as pigs or cattle can be fed genetically modified corn or soy from abroad. (Lisa Breit, March 16, 2017)