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Corona aktuell: Christian Drosten talks about a booster and the end of the pandemic

April 29, 2021 - 4:18 pm

Vaccination booster later this year

It's done with two syringes and we are almost completely protected from the corona virus. However, this is only limited in time, as virologist Christian Drosten explains in his podcast "Coronavirus Update" at NDR. The mucous membrane protection will be reduced in the coming winter, he says. According to this, a booster vaccination would be necessary for some this year. Nevertheless, the virologist gives hope that the pandemic will end.

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Re-vaccination has nothing to do with mutations

The good news is that the protection will not be completely gone in winter, but "despite vaccination, these people will again be among those who can pass the virus on after infection," explains Drosten in his podcast. The fact that one has to re-vaccinate mainly because of virus mutants is not true. The scientist says: "You don't have to re-vaccinate because some mutants occur, but primarily because immunity to mucosal viruses does not last for life. We are not talking about a measles vaccination here." According to Drosten, this should be a one-time refresher, which is particularly important in Germany because of the high proportion of the elderly population.

Hope for the end of the pandemic

Although a lot sounds as if the end of the corona pandemic is far from in sight, Christian Drosten gives hope to just this. "End-time scenarios according to which the corona pandemic will never end are nonsense," says the scientist. Because the more often you get infected with a coronavirus and then only perceive the infection as a cold, the longer the complete mucosal immune protection lasts. And not just for months, but over several years.

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