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Many years ago I bought an Olymp shirt in an Austrian outlet. At that time the main reason was the stylish appearance, after the first wearing experiences also the comfort of a class shirt. I still have this shirt today and wear it a lot. After around 20 years you can see the first slight signs of wear on the collar.

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From Helge Koers

It fits, it fits (I'm stout), so I was very happy when I was able to put it on freshly ironed or deeply dark blue after the obligatory brief wash. Delivery was quick as usual. I am wearing the Olymp brand for the first time and I am delighted with the quality. Clear

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From El Mar

The shirt fits as expected, but packing a shirt so poorly in this price range is a real cheek. It was just crumpled up and put in a shipping bag. All buttons were open. I don't mind if a shirt has already been tried on, but then it should be possible, it should be sensible again

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From Carina Meier

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