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Air Canada Airline in the test of the trade magazines

  • "Very good" (27.0 out of 28 points)

    “Best Premium Economy Class”, “Travel Clever! - Rating "," Fair booking "," Recommended economy class "

    3rd place out of 6

    Punctuality rate / overall impression / seating comfort: 9 out of 14 points;
    German departure airports and route network: 3 out of 4 points;
    Classes and seat spacing (long distance): 5 points;
    Business Class flat-bed seats / monitors on the seat / XL seats: 3 out of 3 points;
    Baggage allowance: 2 out of 2 points;
    Fleet and IOSA: 1 of 4 points;
    Accident statistics (from 1984): 4 out of 4 points.

  • "Good" (7 out of 13 points)

    7th place out of 15

    Length of the lying surfaces: 6 out of 8 points;
    Seat width: 1 of 4 points;
    Retractable armrests: 0 out of 1 point.

  • 4 out of 5 stars

    2nd place out of 11
    The test was: Premium Economy Class

    “Comfortable seats and many additional services are included in the special class. Hopefully the special class will be offered quickly over the entire long haul. "

  • 3 out of 5 stars

    8th place out of 11
    The test was: Premium Rouge Class

    “Unfortunately not in use from Germany at first. It remains to be seen whether the new holiday airline can establish itself in the long term. "

  • 28 points

    "Best economy class scheduled airline"

    3rd place out of 6

    German departure airports & route network: 4 points;
    Punctuality & luggage: 3.5 points;
    Classes & seat spacing: 4.5 points;
    Seats, monitors & internet: 3.5 points; average rating, comfort and Skytrax rating: 11 points;
    Fleet & accident statistics: 1.5 points.

  • 9 points

    Place 1 of 25

    Seat spacing: 2 points;
    Seat width: 2 points;
    Seating comfort ( 4 points;
    Reservation options: "Yes";
    Extras: 1 point.

  • "Good" (10.5 out of 12.5 points)

    "Extra-wide business bed"

    9th place out of 19

  • 20 points

    "Favorite of the passengers"

    3rd place out of 7

  • 7.5 points

    "Top seat pitch Premium Class"

    4th place out of 11
    The test was: Club Class

    "So far still a manageable route network, but good price-performance ratio with sometimes extremely good seat spacing."

  • 20.5 points

    12 products in the test

  • "Well"

    17 products in the test

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