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Security Center: Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), PayPal Holdings Inc. is now one of the world's most popular payment service providers.
  • To promote safe use of the PayPal platform and collaboration with local, national and international law enforcement agencies, PayPal Holding Inc. has established a Global Investigations (GI) team.

Law enforcement investigation resources

Law enforcement agencies in Germany who need support and information related to PayPal for their investigative work can contact the GI team.

The following resources are available only to law enforcement officials

Judges, police departments or government authorities in Switzerland can submit inquiries regarding the provision of PayPal data via

The e-mail address [email protected] is available for general inquiries. Please note that this service is only provided for the law enforcement authorities and that no customer inquiries will be answered via the specified contact points.

Important note

In compliance with the law of April 5, 1993, Article 2, all PayPal inquiries from tax authorities and authorities that do not belong to the law enforcement authorities must be addressed directly to the Luxembourg authorities.

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