What is unique for a Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding: mix of tradition and modernity

Image: © Daphne Chen Photography

On the one hand, Joyce and Alan had a rather traditional Chinese wedding, where the ceremony took place in the evening hours in a Chinese restaurant.

But in addition to the traditional aspects, the two Americans with Asian roots also wanted modern elements for their wedding. This is how a wonderful mix came about!

Since the Chinese wedding is only celebrated in the evening, it can take place any day of the week - as long as it is a "happy wedding day". Because in Asian culture it is a centuries-old tradition to only get married on happy days so that the fate of the marriage starts on a happy day.

Joyce's mother chose this happy wedding day for Joyce and Alan, July 8th.

The bridal couple dresses up

The traditional wedding color for Chinese weddings is red, as a symbol of everlasting happiness. For this purpose Joyce chose the color turquoise and designed some selected decorative elements, the guest favors and the bridesmaid dresses turquoise.

In addition to the typical red clothes for the Chinese wedding, the bride and groom also wore modern wedding clothes: a white wedding dress and a gray suit. At the Chinese wedding, it is common to change your clothes more often. Finally, extensive photo sessions are also inserted in between to capture the perfect bride and groom.

The Chinese wedding can begin

On the wedding day, the groom knocks on the door of the bride's parents and is given some tasks - here from the bridesmaids. Only then can he see his bride.

The tea ceremony

When the bride Joyce finally arrives at her parents' house, one of her bridesmaids holds a red umbrella over her head - this is supposed to protect the bride from evil spirits. Then the Chinese tea ceremony can begin, to which the newlyweds wear the traditional red Chinese wedding attire.

Then the bride puts on her white wedding dress and surprises her groom.

Chinese wedding in the restaurant

Then the closest wedding guests move on to the restaurant, where the actual wedding ceremony is celebrated. Often the Chinese wedding is also celebrated in hotels, where the guests can spend the night afterwards, as it is mostly humid and happy (the groom must ensure that empty glasses are filled again immediately).

The way to the hotel is then adorned with rose petals and a large archway with decorations. At this Chinese wedding, the bride and groom designed the decoration in red and turquoise.

A traditional Asian wedding is usually celebrated in a Chinese restaurant with a 10-course menu instead of in church. Many guests are invited to the Chinese wedding, often up to 800 people. For the groom, it is part of toasting each of the guests - until he can no longer ...

It is loud, the guests hoot and clap, toast and are happy with the bride and groom.

Wedding games are very popular in Chinese wedding. It is said that the more games are played, the happier the marriage. Money gifts for the wedding are presented in red envelopes called Hongbao. Sometimes a tree is set up for this and the envelopes are pinned to it.

Highlight of the Chinese wedding: A deafening fireworks display that does not only fill the wedding party with sound.

The parties: Photographer: Daphne Chen Photography // Men's outfitter: Derks Menswear // Flowers: floral valley // Location: Golden Rice Bowl // Bridal dress shop: The Bridal Boutique // Shoes: Valentino

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