What is Marxist dialectical materialism

dialectical materialism

A: māddīya dīyālīktīkīya. - E: dialectical materialism. - F: matérialisme dialectique. - R: dialektičeskij materializm. - S: materialismo dialéctico. - C: bianzheng weiwu zhuyi

Christian Löser

HKWM 2, 1995, columns 693-704

Dialectical and historical materialism was »that created by K. Marx and F. Engels and written by W.I. Lenin further developed the scientific philosophy of the working class and its Marxist-Leninist party "; it was "a component of Marxism-Leninism and at the same time its philosophical basis" (Buhr / Kosing 1974). This was standardized usage in dictionaries and textbooks of state monopoly socialism. The terms "Marxist-Leninist philosophy", "philosophy of the working class and its Marxist-Leninist party", "scientific philosophy", "dialectical and historical materialism" and "dialectical materialism" were used synonymously. "Dialectical materialism" took on a different meaning in the distinction from historical materialism.

Marx and Engels did not know the expression dM. There is also no "philosophy" to denote their views. [...] This raises the question of how and why the dM was able to constitute itself first as a "social democratic philosophy" (J. Dietzgen) and then as a state philosophy (Diamat), that is, in the ideological form criticized by Marx and Engels. With the diamond congealed into dogma, the traditional lines of thought of Marx and Engels were broken off on the one hand. On the other hand, set pieces of this thinking were integrated into a structure of thought that uncritically systematized common forms of thought, "common sense" and results of the sciences with the aim of enabling the proletariat to bring about a revolutionary upheaval by conveying a "scientific worldview".

➫ Derivation, common sense, anti-philosophy, application, contemplative materialism, abolition of philosophy, enlightenment, certain negation, Bolshevization, Brecht line, Darwinism, determinism, dialectic, development, law (social), fundamental question of philosophy, ideological theory, cold war, guide , Matter, materialism (practical-dialectical), natural dialectics, scientific materialism, negation of negation, ontology, partiality, philosophy, philosophy of practice, positivism, practice, state-monopoly socialism, Stalinism, point of view, from the outside, science, scientific worldview