Is Bombay an overcrowded city?

Mumbai / Bombay


Largest City in India - Vanishing Point for Millions - Renamed from Bombay to Mumbai in the 1990s

Hamburg - The port city of Mumbai (Bombay) on the Arabian Sea is the financial center of India and at the same time its leading trading and industrial center. It is also the most important center for the manufacture of cotton textiles on the Indian subcontinent. As the film metropolis of India, the city is also known as "Bollywood".

With around 16 million inhabitants in the greater Mumbai area, the metropolis in the west of the country, which is characterized by both wealth and extreme poverty, is the largest city in India, ahead of Kolkata (Calcutta) and Delhi. It is a refuge for millions of poor people. More than half of Mumbai's residents live in the most deplorable circumstances in overpopulated slums.

The name Bombay (Good Bay), which comes from the Portuguese colonial era, was changed in Mumbai in the mid-1990s after the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi.

A striking building in the city, the "Gateway of India", completed in Hindu and Islamic building traditions in 1924, dates back to the British colonial era. It was built on the site of a hall built in 1911 in honor of the British King and Emperor of India, George V, and was intended to create a dignified entrance gate for the monarch. (APA / dpa)

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