What is the best personal translation app

Free translation programs - an overview of the best online tools

Hello & thank you very much for this article!
Personally, I made the experience that with "deepl" texts are translated very well. The texts are really changed from one language to the other in terms of their meaning and content, without it appearing to one when reading that one has “got back” the text from a machine (i.e. something inanimate). Scientific texts - i.e. texts with some complicated subject matter - are also translated cleanly.

As for the translator, I personally found my favorite long ago.

However, there is still something that I've been looking for a long time on the web: namely, a capable website translator who works about as well as deepl.

If you want to translate a website as a whole (e.g. with Go05le), you automatically drag in the respective weaknesses of Go05le ...

This is sometimes so intense that you have to have some imagination to somehow reconcile the transported content with the translated result. So you start again to deepl copy a website paragraph by paragraph in order to translate it properly.

I'm not talking about any "news" or unimportant stuff that hangs around the net, but about content that is very often whistled when translating websites ...

One option is to copy a website [url] (eg in English) to "printfriendly.com", to create a pdf in which all advertising etc. is sorted out, in order to then have this pdf (cleaned of the all the media weed) then for their part (at deepl) to translate.

After all, at deepl you can also translate documents & thus also pdfs or Word texts.

As a result, a usable (free) online website translator would somehow have to be a combination of "PrintFriendly & deepl" that relieves you of these detours, so that it saves time, & ultimately just does what it is supposed to do. In other words, irreducible complexity.

Oh, maybe there is something like that already &, unfortunately I just haven't found it yet? 🙄🤔🧐

I mean: mankind is said to have already flown to the moon & it will certainly not take long to get to Mars ... But translating websites elegantly is still a construction site? Isn't there someone (or a team) who is familiar with intelligent, computational programming language?

As far as spelling and grammar are concerned, the "Online-Duden" spell checker is a good and sometimes useful proofing aid, but with around 300 characters it can only cope with a small paragraph at a time. So it is better if you take the "korktor.org "right away.

This online spell checker does the same thing, only that you can check a text with 5000 letters & punctuation marks at once at "korktor.org "without any problems. The online dictionary was symbolically formulated by the “corrector” being drunk under the table. Mind you, both free online services.

More than 3250 letters & punctuation marks later, it occurred to me that I should also come to the end. And just like any text that has words and sentences with a beginning & an end, there is content both internal and external to the text, which as the naturally necessary embodiment of a thought can only fulfill its purpose if it is translated into another language that gets the attention it deserves.

There are more than enough assistants disguised as useful on the net, de-organizing & misinterpreting machines, including the people and providers who earn a lot of money in, on, or around this or simply put meaningless offers on the net and thus the last to understand In the end, massive damage, as well as robbing people of precious life with their offer (s) for things that are often just not worth being offered.

It is always up to you - the readers - to decide whether my lines have frivolously stolen their time. ("Gendern" -> superfluous!) And that depends on whether & how you were understood. But also whether someone still claims to want to be understood at all. Conclusion: translators who do not master what they are made for make themselves as superfluous as an interpreter who does not master his craft.

Best regards! 😊🌱😞

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