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Jaime Lannister


Oath breaker
Man without honor
Ser Jaime Lannister (in the original: Jaime Lannister), also "regicide" (in the original: Kingslayer) is one of the main characters in game of Thrones. He is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and appears for the first time in the first episode of the first season.

In the series


Jaime is the eldest son of Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna Lannister of Casterlystein. He is the twin brother of Cersei and the older brother of Tyrion.

Jaime has little interest in the political processes and intrigues in Westeros. He sees himself as a born warrior whose destiny is to kill all of his enemies. He only feels alive in the struggle for life and death and with his sister. In contrast to this, however, he also considers his younger brother to be of equal value and gets on so well with him that he would stand up for his life at any time.

Jaime is considered an exemplary, but proud and sometimes arrogant warrior. Supposedly there aren't ten men in Westeros who can hold a candle to him; this is known only from the Cleganes and Loras Tyrell.

Although he is considered by his charisma and his demeanor to be a prime example of a knight, Jaime has amoral traits that culminate in the fact that he secretly has an incestuous relationship with his sister Cersei. The killing of the Mad kingAerys II Targaryen earned him the nickname Regicide a. In the end, he doesn't shy away from killing a child by pushing Bran Stark in Winterfell from the tower window, because he caught him and his sister having sex. Because of his breach of the oath and other dubious acts that violate the Westerosi's understanding of honor, Jaime is considered a man without honor in hostile houses (e.g. House Stark).

Over time, however, Jaime gains a sense of honor and is no longer so arrogant. He even becomes compassionate, fair, and honest.

The early years

Even in childhood, he and Cersei were inseparable, which even led to the fact that the two began to become intimate as early as childhood. However, they were once caught by a Lannister maid who immediately notified her mother. So Jaime's room was moved to the opposite side of the castle. His mother died when he was a child giving birth to his brother Tyrion. While his father Tywin and his sister Cersei despised Tyrion, ridiculed as a "gnome", Jaime was the only one of the Lannister clan who treated his little brother with respect and respect.

Jaime suffered from a reading disorder as a child, which made him unable to read texts even in late childhood. It wasn't until his father Tywin forced him to practice four hours a day that he learned to read.[2]

Already in his youth he took part in knight tournaments, where his talent flashed in combat for the first time. Previously, he served at a tournament as a squire for Ser Barristan Selmy because Selmy's real squire was prevented. Jaime admired Selmy's talent for sword fighting and watched him with huge eyes.[3][4]

Entry into the Royal Guard

His father Tywin, who at that time had been the hand of King Aerys II, called his sister to the royal court in order to forge the first marriage-political plans. Cersei was to be married into the royal family in order to further strengthen the power of the Lannisters. In addition, Jaime Lysa was to marry Tully. To avoid this marriage, Jaime decided, behind his father's back, to join the Kingsguard. In addition, he was always close to his sister. Here, Jaime took advantage of the fact that it was said behind closed doors that Tywin was the true ruler of the kingdoms and Aerys was merely his puppet (Ser Ilyn Payn had his tongue cut off by the king for making this public). The king's guardsmen were forbidden from marrying, fathering children, or assuming an inheritance. Due to the inheritance ban, he renounced Casterlystein out of love for his sister, which he would be entitled to after the death of his father. When Tywin found out that his son had been accepted into the Kingsguard, he was furious. Allegedly this sparked a dispute between him and the king, due to which Tywin resigned the office of hand and returned to Casterlystein to rule himself. He also discarded the marriage plans for his daughter and took her to the Westland, so that the siblings were separated again.

Jaime was one of the youngest Royal Guards ever. At the start of the first season, he has been a Knight of the Guard for 20 years.

The regicide

During Robert's rebellion, the declining King Aerys II did not allow Jaime to join the royal army. The king intended to use Jaime as a hostage if necessary, should his father Tywin Lannister refuse to put down the rebellion at the side of the king. When the rebels were able to win the battle on the Trident and then stood at the gates of King's Landing, the mad king came up with the plan to set the highly flammable sea fire throughout the city in order to destroy the entire city should Robert’s troops break through the walls . Anyone who stood in the way of his plan was executed or burned alive with sea fire by the king himself.

Tywin mobilized his troops towards King's Landing, fearing that Jaime would fall victim to the king's madness. Under the pretext of fighting alongside the king, he was allowed to enter through the city gates. As soon as he arrived in town, Tywin revealed his betrayal and began the sack of King's Landing. The defense of the Red Keep fell to Jaime. He asked the king for permission to negotiate with the looters. Aerys, however, sensed betrayal on the part of Jaime and asked him to bring him his father's head to prove his loyalty. At the same time the king ordered his hand, a pyromancer by the name of Rossart, who was well versed in the manufacture of sea fire, to ignite the sea fire stationed in the capital in order to burn the enemies and destroy King's Landing. Jaime prevented this by killing Rossart and going to the Hall of the Iron Throne, where the Mad King wandered about lonely. When asked whether the blood on Jaime's sword was from his father, Jaime replied that it was from the hand. Aerys was shocked and ran in a panic towards the Iron Throne. Jaime grabbed him, finally killing him with his sword. This act earned him the nickname Regicide a.[5]

After the fall of the mad king

The new King Robert Baratheon broke the oath and left him a place in the Royal Guard, also as part of the alliance between House Baratheon and House Lannister. Often he is posted by Robert in front of his room while he is having fun with whores. After Robert's death and the dismissal of Lord Commander Barristan Selmy, Jaime was appointed Lord Commander of the Kings Guard. Through his secret love affair with his sister Cersei, he fathered three children with her, whom the world believes were Robert Baratheon's children.

season 1

Jaime is part of King Roberts' delegation, who is en route to Winterfell to persuade Eddard Stark to take up the vacant position of the King's Hand. When he and his sister Cersei were retreating to an orphaned tower in the castle to have sex, they were caught by Bran Stark, who accidentally climbed the tower wall. Since discovery of the incest would have serious consequences for the twins, Jaime pushed the boy down from the tower.[6]

When Catelyn Stark captures Jaime's brother Tyrion, Jaime goes to King's Landing with some followers to Ned Stark to demand that he surrender his brother. He has Ned's guards killed and has a sword fight with them. However, when one of Jaime's guards sticks a lance through Ned's leg from behind and this is incapable of fighting, Jaime breaks off the fight and knocks the soldier down for his interference. Jaime flees the capital to his father Tywin.[7]

Jaime joins his father's army and is confronted by him in the camp about Ned Stark. Tywin is puzzled that Ned Stark is still alive, to which Jaime replies that it wasn't "clean". Worried about Jaime worrying too much about what others think of him, Tywin urges him to finally become the man he was always meant to be (i.e., Tywin's legacy). Jaime is assigned 30,000 men by Tywin, half of House Lannister's troops, to devastate Catelyn Stark's homeland, the Riverside, and besiege rapid waters.[8]

After a successful deception by Robb Stark, Jaime's siege is broken by Schnellwasser and his troops are lured into the Whisper Forest, where the battle in the Whisper Forest unfolds. Jaime loses this battle, his troops are crushed and he himself is taken prisoner.[9]

From then on he is a prisoner in Robb Stark's army. To Cat Stark, he admits to the attempted murder of her son Bran under appropriate provocations, but not the motive.[10]

season 2

Jaime is still a prisoner of the Starks and moves with him from place to place. Robb does not want to leave him to one of his vassals to guard in a castle, fearing that Tywin could find out about it and bring that lord to release Jaime by means of bribes or threats. Robb has meanwhile received the letter from Stannis Baratheon, in which he presents Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen as Jaimes and Cersei’s incestuous brood and appoints himself king according to the laws of Westeros. Robb then realizes that it was Jaime who wanted to kill his brother Bran and pushed out the window. Robb leaves Jaime alive, because he is more valuable to him alive, and is content with intimidating him with his direwolf gray wind.[11]

When Jaime's cousin Alton Lannister is locked in a pen with Jaime due to lack of space, Jaime uses this to kill Alton. He pretends that Alton is sick, kills the guard who has rushed up and flees.[4]

However, Jaime is recaptured shortly afterwards. Rickard Karstark immediately demands revenge in the form of his immediate death, because the guard killed by Jaime was Rickard's son. Unexpectedly, Catelyn Stark stands up for Jaime's life so as not to give Joffrey and Cersei the excuse to do something to their daughters (she thinks Sansa and Arya are both in King's Landing). However, this leads to considerable tension within Robb's army.[4]

After some time, Jaime is secretly freed by Catelyn Stark and Brienne is handed over by Tarth. She is to take Jaime to King's Landing, and Sansa and Arya are to be released in exchange. For this betrayal, Catelyn is placed under arrest by her own son Robb.[12]

season 3

Jaime is escorted by Brienne von Tarth to get to King's Landing unscathed. Catelyn Stark hopes to get her two daughters Sansa and Arya in return. However, Catelyn is unaware that Arya is missing in King's Landing. With targeted provocations, Jaime tries to lure Brienne out of the reserve. For example, he alleges that she has been secretly in love with Renly Baratheon, and is very amused when Brienne is embarrassed. Otherwise she withstood his provocations to a large extent, as she feels obliged to bring the regicide to the capital.