Cats become lactose intolerant as adults

Cat milk: yes or no?

The image of the cat over the milk bowl is firmly anchored in the mind of many. As a cat lover, you only want the best for your four-legged friends. So the question arises, what is really like with milk for cats?

Is milk bad for cats?

Do you know the saying “Sweet milk should be guarded against cats”? Indeed, there is a common misconception that cats like to drink milk. This may also be true in terms of taste, but in fact your digestive system is not geared towards it. Your cat's digestive system cannot process lactose, the natural milk sugar in dairy products. This can be compared to the lactose intolerance of humans. Therefore, many cats react to cow's milk with indigestion. With specially prepared cat milk with a reduced lactose content, taste enjoyment and digestibility are guaranteed. So you can still give your cat a treat!

Should you give cats cat milk?

Special cat milk is low in lactose to prevent digestive problems. The milk is specially tailored to the cat's nutritional needs. As a supplementary food, the cat milk is particularly suitable for lactating or weakened cats. Like other food supplements and cat snacks, cat milk contains calories that you should take into account as part of a balanced diet.

When should kittens start drinking cat milk?

There is also a clear difference between kittens and fully grown cats, because less lactase is produced with increasing age. But what does that mean for your kitten? Kittens produce the enzyme lactase and can therefore digest the lactose contained in breast milk. Accordingly, cat milk for kittens has a different composition. Once the kitten is weaned, however, you should again make sure that you reach for the specially prepared cat milk. Learn more about how to feed your kitten here.

Cat milk: how long, how often and how much?

Due to the high calorie content in particular, you should not give your cat too much cat milk. Cat milk is more like a treat that you don't have to let become a daily habit. Rather, you can reward your cat with some cat milk. Cat milk is a great way to give your cat a treat every now and then! A recommendation is enough a small bowl once a week here from. Depending on the characteristics of your cat, it is also not harmful to give your cat more than once a week cat milk.

Depending on your cat's needs, it is important to adapt to these. If your cat has to adhere to a certain diet or lose weight for health reasons, you should try to give her cat milk as infrequently as possible.

Cat milk: complete cat food or cat snack?

In addition to water, cat milk also provides calories and nutrients and cannot be compared to water. It is therefore not suitable as a drink in between, but is more likely to be classified as a food or dietary supplement.

What do cats drink?

The best drink for your cat is and remains water. This is how you guarantee healthy hydration for your cat. However, to create a change in taste, you can add water to cat milk, for example. But also some tuna water in your cat's drinking water can make them more eager to drink. Much of the fluid requirement in cats comes from food, especially wet food. However, if your cat prefers dry food, make sure your cat is getting enough water. But even with wet food, it should not be underestimated that your cat should also consume water. As a guideline for the water supply, you can remember: 50 ml of water per kilogram of your cat's body weight.