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Donald Trump: "I have longer working days than almost all presidents"

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Donald Trump asserts that he works more hours a day than any of his predecessors. His previously leaked schedule suggests otherwise.

US President Donald Trump has saved himself from the accusation of rather relaxed working hours. "The fact is, I probably have longer working days than almost all presidents before me," tweeted Trump on Sunday. When he took over the presidency, there was chaos in the USA, he added in another tweet. "I had no choice but to work very long days!"

The media was able to get my work schedule, something very easy to do, but it should have been reported as a positive, not negative. When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing. In fact, I probably work more hours than almost any past President ... ..

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 10, 2019

The US website "Axios" published Trump's confidential calendar for the past three months a week ago. According to this, a full 60 percent of the President's working time was classified as "executive time". These are phases without well-structured processes and appointments in which Trump can make phone calls, have breakfast, tweet or follow news channels. Most of the time, official appointments are not due until 11 a.m. or even later.

Trump now defended himself against the suspicion that he would not use the time before 11 a.m. for work. "If the term executive time is used, then I usually work and do not relax," Trump now wrote. This time must be seen as “positive, not negative”.

Trump's interim chief of staff Mick Mulvaney also defended the president. "Executive time is there to prepare for the next meeting and to wrap up the last meeting," Mulvaney said on NBC's Meet the Press. "The phone calls start at 6.30 a.m. and last until 11 p.m." So Trump works more than what is recorded in the calendar.

According to media reports, the White House is trying to find out who pierced the calendar on "Axios". Mulvaney told Fox News that the culprit should be identified this week.

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