Would Listerine disinfect a wound

Listerine is not only perfect for the teeth and the space between the teeth. But what can you clean with all that stuff?

My free sample of Listerine Healthy White Gentle Mouth wash leaves your mouth feeling cle ... https://t.co/ItcJFNXHo9pic.twitter.com/mqu5XhkR1z

- emily suttle (@ emilysuttle1) July 4, 2016

For years, Listerine and other mouthwashes have been bought by millions of people who want to clean their interdental spaces and mouth after brushing their teeth. We have summarized for you what you can still do with this stuff:

1. It fights athlete's foot
The perfect foot bath consists of a mouthwash, vinegar and water. This mixture works wonders and can remove your old skin for up to six months. Thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal function, it also protects your feet, disinfects them and fights athlete's foot.

@inknn I can only agree. I recommend a foot bath pic.twitter.com/3Em7M6iEME

- Tim de Wet Jager (@tim_dewetjager) June 27, 2016

2. It cleans the toilet
What works in your mouth also works in the toilet. A fresh fragrance also comes with it for free.

Listerine can be used as more than just a mouthwash ... https://t.co/ym1lGDAWyg

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3. It can be used as a deodorant
Immediately after showering or washing, you can simply dip a Wattspat in Listerine and use it as a deodorant.

Mosquito bite on the lip haha ​​it feels really weird

- Desperado Domian (@DieDomiane) July 6, 2016

4. Helps against mosquitoes
The miracle cure also helps against mosquitoes. So next time you get stung, dab the area with your mouthwash. This combats the itching and relieves the swelling.

When you just have the fattest pimple on your face ...

- Ambre Vallet (@AmbreMusic) July 5, 2016

5. It is said to help against acne
Some people swear by toothpaste, others love to smear Listerine on their emerging pimples. This not only disinfects the area, the face also smells good.