Has underestimated Jose Mourinho Salah at Chelsea

Mohamed Salah: There are no limits to his success

He was underestimated at FC Basel, and he didn't get a chance at FC Chelsea. Today, Mohamed Salah is considered the upcoming world star and even got some votes in the Egyptian presidential election.

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He was the high-flyer in Liverpool's football frenzy. Mohamed Salah scored the 1-0 against Manchester City and also prepared the 3-0 in an exemplary manner. Together with Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mané, he represents the new dream trio of European football.

The 25-year-old Salah got off to a flying start this season like no other. With 29 goals, he is the top scorer in the English Premier League and is considered the top favorite for the title of best Premier League player of the year. Even ManCity star Kevin De Bruyne, arguably his biggest competitor for the award, chose him because Salah "just deserved it".

Votes in the presidential election

The fans call him the "Egyptian King". And you are not so wrong with this assessment. Crazy: When Egypt's presidential election recently took place, a lot of people just put the soccer star's name on the ballot paper.

Salah enjoys hero status in Egypt because he scored the national team with his goals for the first World Cup participation since 1990. In the meantime, streets and institutions in his native Basyoun have been named after him.

Comparisons with Lionel Messi have long since become apparent. Just like the Argentine, Salah can hardly be separated from the ball when dribbling because he is incredibly fast and always escapes the opponents with his nimble feet.

The headball game of the 1.75 meter small offensive player is considered a weakness. In the meantime, however, he also scores goals with a header. "No matter with which part of the body, he hits," said coach Jürgen Klopp.

When Klopp was asked if Salah was on a par with Messi, the coach replied: "Yeah, I think Mo is on the way. But I don't think Mo or anyone else likes being compared to Lionel Messi."

In fact, Salah's career was very different from Messi's. While the Argentine was celebrated as the "talent of the century" at an early age and shipped to Barcelona at the age of 13, Salah's first years were sluggish.

He made his debut as a 17-year-old in the first division of Egypt, but was not a big number there. As a result of the stadium riots in Port Said, which killed 74 people, the game was temporarily suspended.

From then on Salah only played for the U23 national team of Egypt, including a test match against the top Swiss club FC Basel.

Salah did not come on until the second half, but scored two goals and aroused the interest of the top Swiss club. The dribble artist was 20 years old when he went to Basel.

Looking back, he speaks of a difficult time: "I couldn't speak the language, my family was far away. But I didn't want to come back until I am a top player."

It was hard to see at the time that he had what it takes. The German professional footballer Markus Steinhöfer was his teammate and said to the Süddeutsche: "In Basel, nobody would have suspected that Mo would ever go on to become a world scorer. The potential in the dribbling was recognized early on, but he had no feeling for the follow-up action."

Failed under Mourinho

In 2014 he moved to England for Chelsea, where he hardly played a role under José Mourinho. "He never got a real chance with us," Chelsea star Eden Hazard told the Liverpool Echo.

"Maybe it was because of the coach, maybe also because of the competitive situation with the other players."

In order to gain match practice, he went to Italy for two and a half years. First he played for Fiorentina, then for AS Roma. It was only there that the right winger developed his qualities as an executor and submission provider.

He moved to Liverpool last summer for 42 million euros. A bargain! It would already cost four times as much in the multi-million dollar business of English football.

A job for a burglar

Salah is not a glamorous and extroverted star like Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo. "Despite the current hype he is totally grounded and shows no starry airs," said Liverpool assistant coach Peter Krawietz at Spox.

His story apparently made him humble. While other football stars grew up in a youth training center and are used to everything being done for them, Salah had to take a four-hour bus ride to even be able to participate in his club's training.

Religion and charity also play a major role in the life of Muslims. The best example: when a burglar broke into his parents' house and was caught, the family decided not to file a complaint. Instead, Salah gave the burglar money and helped him find a job.

Salah is not only athletic, but also a high-flyer in human terms.