Would you go on a solo trip

Women power! The top 8 countries for solo female adventurers

Inform you

Find out more about the country in advance.

Travel documents

Make copies of your travel documents and carry them with you separately from the originals.


Try to appear as confident and safe as possible - as if you were out and about in this place every day!

Adapt yourself

Adapt to the cultural conditions and do not wear clothes that are too provocative.


Choose a place to stay in a safe area and, if possible, arrive before dark.


When it's dark, take a taxi instead of wandering the streets alone. Avoid dark corners at night and do not hitchhike.


Learn the most important words and phrases in the local language.


Buy a local SIM card and tell your family and friends regularly where you are and what you are planning for the next few days.

relationship status

Do you have a boyfriend? Are you married? - Your answer should always be YES. Wear a ring to be on the safe side and think of an authentic story about your husband for uncomfortable situations - even if he doesn't exist.


Don't make fear the predominant feeling, not everyone is a potential attacker. Trust your gut feeling and enjoy traveling!