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Also, Senate Republican leadership against panel on Capitol attack

WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) - After the Republican leadership in the US House of Representatives, the top Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has opposed the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the attack on the US Capitol. McConnell said in the Senate on Wednesday there was no shortage of investigations into the attack in Congress and law enforcement agencies. It is therefore unclear what a further commission should bring.

On Tuesday, the Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, announced that he would not support the establishment of the commission of inquiry. Supporters of then President Donald Trump stormed the seat of the US Congress in Washington on January 6th. Five people were killed, including a Capitol policeman. The FBI classifies the storming of the building as domestic terrorism.

In the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, Democrats and Republicans agreed a few days ago to set up a committee of inquiry into the January 6th attack. The House of Representatives wanted to vote on it on Wednesday (local time). With their majority in the chamber, the Democrats can enforce the plans there on their own. However, the approval of the Senate is also required. There the Democrats are dependent on support from the ranks of the Republicans. Due to the objections of the Republican leaders, who overruled the non-partisan agreement at committee level, the hurdle is now higher. It is therefore unclear whether such a commission will actually come.

The Democratic majority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, accused the Republican leadership of sabotaging the reappraisal of the attack. Behind this is the "shameful" desire to protect Trump. Trump had called on his Republicans to vote against the establishment.