Can I wear sleeveless tops to work

Is it allowed to work sleeveless in catering?


here is my situation. I have been employed in a salon since September 1st, 2015 and have an annual contract. Well, January and February are usually weak in sales. I was asked if I would go down the hours from 6 to 5. I said I would think about it. The next day my boss stood in front of me with a self-written wipe, where she certified that I only work 4 1/2 hours a day.

1. Can you just do it like that? And could she terminate me "for operational reasons" if I no longer get involved? Or does my verbal "acceptance" count? I haven't signed anything yet

Then she already informed us that she would like to hang up cameras in the front salon area soon.

2. Are you allowed to attach them without our knowledge, e.g. hidden cameras or bugs to record our personal conversations?

Then our employment contracts say 24 working days vacation. But we only work 5 days a week, either Mon-Fri OR Mon, Tue, Thu-Sat (Wednesday off). 3. Then only 20 working days would be correct? Or am I wrong? Do I still have 24 working days vacation? Since working days is not correct. And since I now work fewer hours, she just gave me 6 snotty! Days of vacation taken away for 2016, so instead of 24 days only 16,4. But the statutory minimum leave that was stipulated in the employment contract still applies, right?

And now the most important question for our apprentice, 5. Can the boss / trainer charge the parents of the apprentice for the costs of the inter-company courses?

In the meantime it is becoming clear to us why all the workers there always ran away and why no one there can stand it for more than 1-2 years. I myself have to say that at the moment it is true to the motto "outside hui, inside ugh", because everyone only sees how "beautiful" we have it (EdelSalon), but nobody sees how the boss is.