What's the best red robin hamburger

Very good burger - great concept - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

The restaurant is centrally located on International Drive and is modernly furnished with numerous televisions on which numerous different sporting events are shown.

We were welcomed in a friendly manner and brought to the assigned table, the waitress in charge quickly took up the drink requests and explained the menu.

There are three categories of burgers, which differ based on the toppings and size (all burgers can be ordered with a larger or an additional patty).
Since the American weight specifications are alien to me and I couldn't really imagine the size, I ordered a burger in the smallest category.
This one was very tasty, but an upgrade to a larger patty would probably have made sense as it was actually not very large.
But I haven't forgotten the place hungry, as fries are served as a side dish, which can be reordered free of charge and without limitation.
I opted for the sweet potato fries, which are subject to a surcharge, and they were also very tasty (crispy and hot).
I ordered the first portion salted, but there was a little too much salt on the fries for my taste.
I ordered the second portion unsalted and could then spice it up at the table to my liking.

I would definitely prefer the McDonalds or Burger King, as the burgers taste much better and there is the advantage of unlimited fries, there is no significant difference in price to the larger burgers at the two chains mentioned.