What are the best expense management software

Spendee expenditure management: Developers are looking for happiness in the subscription model

My favorite is MoneyControl too. One of the best apps on my iPhone / iPad. Very clear, great support and regular updates.

@Hans the Truth:
This “damn premium subscription crap” is, in my opinion, a disease of the entire app store. How should an app be financed in the long term if users only pay one or two euros for it? How are you supposed to cover the costs for further development, support, updates, etc.? A one-time purchase might cover the costs of version 1.0, but at the same time users expect free updates - at the latest for every new iOS / device.

It doesn't go together. This might work for games that don't have version 2.0. If there is version 2 of a game, there is a new app that has to be paid for again. With productive apps, this is unthinkable from the user's point of view. Pay for an update? Rip off!

Productive apps (if they are good) are used for several months or even years. So you have a much greater benefit than with a game. Nevertheless, one sees again and again reviews that are upset about the exorbitant prices (= 2.99 or "more") or IAPs.

If you are not one of the big providers pushed by Apple, it is almost only worthwhile to develop one-offs, which are then abandoned after a relatively short period of support.

I'm still looking for the perfect to-do list for me: I already have several apps there that were really great at the beginning, but for which development was stopped. So I've already paid several times for products that were dead after a few months. Now I prefer to spend a little more and then have some of it for a longer period of time.

For me, subscriptions are not the solution either. But for the really good apps, the prices are no longer 99 cents, but rather 4.99 upwards. In terms of my useful life, that's still a small investment.