Who is the parent company of groupon

www.Catalog.com starts as a competence for Pinterest and Groupon

07.03.2012 – 18:43

Catalog.com, Inc.

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 23 / PRNewswire /

Catalog.com, Inc., the world's first web hosting company, and its subsidiary ONEsite Inc., recognized as a leader in social software, have formed a new joint venture, Catalog Media LLC. The company is offered under the domain name www.catalog.com Discovery Shopping.

"We designed http://www.catalog.com to appeal to all types of buyers including men. From survivor to fashion fan, the Catalog will display items discovered by others with similar interests," said Bob Crull Catalog's managing director. "Catalog.com is the starting point for finding the perfect gift or discount on something you would buy online or locally. Unlike Groupon, our shopping plan will be self-service and significantly more cost effective for the retailer." In addition, the retailer is offered the opportunity to let the consumer discover their product, coupons and offers. Catalog will target merchants with social networking opportunities so that a Twitter or Facebook follower can purchase a voucher or redeem a coupon using Catalog's shopping tools.

Catalog.com, Inc. is the parent company of ONEsite Inc. and Catalog Media LLC. They have been in business since 1994, providing Internet data retention, single sign-on software, and social networking software. The office is located at 14000 Quail Springs Parkway, Suite 3600, Oklahoma City, OK 73134. The general manager Robert Crull can be reached at + 1-405-753-9300 x 118 or [email protected]