Do you dream big

Even if you dream big, you still dream too small

Today this sentence came to me. A sentence that sums up exactly what has been on my mind over the past few weeks.

Even if you dream big, you still dream too small.

Jeffrey Kastenmüller

I started dreaming big. So big that I don't even tell many of my dreams because I know for sure that they are telling me it's too big. And yet I know for a fact that I haven't even come close to reaching the full potential of my dreams with it.

Why exactly do we dream small? Why do we dream too small? Where does the fear and the doubt that one could dream too big come from? And how much potential are we actually losing?

Everything is great in the beginning

We come into this world and have a lust for this life. We want to discover, we want to learn, we want to try everything. Without knowing anything, we still have everything ahead of us. We are like a blank sheet of paper. Curious about all the experiences that are waiting for us. So we start to discover everything and find an infinite number of exciting things in front of us. We learn new skills and gain experience. Life is a mixture of discovery and adventure.

At the beginning of our life, every success, no matter how small, is celebrated by us. As soon as we learn something new, we get praise from our parents. The first conscious smile, the first steps, the first words. There is a lot of positive feedback and that is exactly what encourages us to keep going. We are motivated to develop further, we want to continue to discover this world and have everything.

But in addition to all the positive feedback, we also get to know the word “no”. We learn what we are not allowed to do. And of course, this is justified in one or the other situation, but it often also teaches us to make ourselves small. We learn that we have to limit our new great abilities.

Gone is the praise for children's laughter, for the first forward movements or the first words. Salmon not that loud. And please don't run away. Can you speak more softly Or don't speak at all when the adults are talking.

For the skills we were recently celebrated for, we are now being given rules that dictate how we should behave. You know these rules. Take a look at them. Is there a rule that makes you taller? A rule that encourages you? That makes you grow beyond yourself?

We are trapped in a system that teaches us to shrink. A system that teaches us that we are anything but great. Because when you dream big, you unconsciously show everyone else that they too can dream big if they only take full responsibility for their lives and have the courage to implement it. But that would be a hassle, so we'd rather suppress each other than take responsibility for our lives. Instead of taking responsibility for ourselves and our dreams, we look to blame for why we can't be great. And we are all part of this system, helping to keep it going. We don't even realize how crazy it is that we are all keeping each other small instead of helping each other grow.

Keeping things small thanks to learned beliefs

These learned rules become beliefs. When we hear "Don't laugh," we learn the belief, "Life shouldn't be fun." When we hear “Don't run” or “Not that long”, we learn the belief “Your path and your pace is wrong”. When we hear "Speak quietly." “Don't speak when adults speak” we learn the belief “What you say is not important”. When we hear “Be good”, “You don't do that” or “Be inconspicuous” we learn the belief that “Your behavior is not right”. When we hear "You can't do that", "You won't learn that anyway", "It is a waste of time to teach you this" we learn the belief that "I am not good enough."

This system goes on and on. The kid wants to be an astronaut? At the beginning that's still a great career aspiration. But how long does it take before you explain to your child that it is totally unrealistic because there are far too few jobs for it? And actually the child is not good enough anyway. So please stop dreaming and have a safe job instead.

At school we learn math, German, physics, chemistry and all those many subjects. And of course, general education is important. It is so important to us that we give the children a grade in every single subject. Regardless of where the child's strengths and weaknesses are. Where is personal development, happiness, love, and all these important points on the curriculum? Nowhere, because it could be that someone then wants more than we have in our lives.

But beliefs are also common in the adult world. Look at a women's magazine. “You have to be slim”, “You have to do that that he loves you”, “Your hair has to look like this and you have to wear it” or “You can eat that and do without that”. We are so busy chasing after beliefs that we don't have time to test them. Is it really all true?

Beliefs become realities

Most beliefs develop in the first eight years of life. Some are part of upbringing, others are part of misunderstanding. Small children cannot yet judge whether the adults are serious or not. Children can only take it at face value and believe it. And so every person develops his own set of beliefs in the course of his life without ever checking whether all of this is really true.

What are your beliefs You are not good enough You are not worth it? Your vote doesn't count? Your are too noisy? Is your nose crooked? You eat the wrong one Can't be happy without a relationship? You have to work hard to earn money? Have you taken a closer look at your beliefs? Are they really true?

Of course, you can think of many, many examples now that they are true. After all, they have become your reality by now. You see the world through your beliefs as through filters. Your brain automatically turns its attention to confirming these beliefs over and over again. It's just your reality that it is.

But how about if you start to see when the beliefs have not been confirmed. Has the opposite ever happened? When were you enough When are you worth it Where did your vote count? When did money come to you easily? It takes a little longer to recognize this. These are the points on which you do not focus and therefore do not perceive them as consciously. But if you put your focus on it, you will find many examples in your life here too.

Take a closer look. Change your focus. You are enough You're worth it. Your vote counts. You are exactly right. You are perfect Everything is already in you. And you don't even have to meet one condition to be that - not a single one.

And yes, you can change your beliefs. Write your own beliefs and change your reality with them. Question your beliefs. Is it really true Do you want it to be your reality? You can shape your life completely freely.

Only the crazy dream big

And to get back to the subject. You can dream big. You can dream as big as you want. And you can make your dreams your reality.

It's the crazy people who dream big. And yes, we have to be a little crazy because we want more out of life.

When the Wright brothers dreamed of flying, many people certainly told them that it was impossible. They were thought to be insane for having this dream and any failure was proof that it couldn't. But in the reality of the Wright brothers it was possible and so they kept looking for a way until they could fly.

Thomas Alva Edison set himself the goal of inventing a commercially usable light bulb. The quote comes from him

I did not fail. I now know 1,000 ways not to build a lightbulb.

Thomas Alva Edison

Certainly people have also told him that it is not possible. But it was his reality that it worked, and with it, after more than 1000 attempts, he managed to invent a commercial lightbulb and enrich all of our lives with light.

Human history is full of people who have dreamed big. And of course they had to hear that it didn't work. Made to hear that it was crazy. But guess what, these people stood up for their dreams, beliefs and reality and they made it. And not only that, they have improved our lives a little bit.

We'd still be living in caves if humans hadn't dreamed big and made up all the things we use every day in whatever way. There simply would be no progress if people didn't dream big.

Dream bigger than ever

I hereby invite you to dream big, even bigger, bigger than ever before. Adapt your beliefs to your dreams and create the reality you need to make your dreams a reality. You are not alone on this path.

There is something unique in you, something that can help other people. Let it out. Create it and don't hide behind beliefs that keep you down. Show your full potential, because maybe you have the solution to the great problems of humanity.

Do people tell you this doesn't work? Edison didn’t believe it after more than 1000 failed attempts. So don't believe anyone who hasn't tried it more than 1000 times themselves. And even then, these people did not have your uniqueness. And maybe your uniqueness is the key to the success of your dreams.

I believe that you can dream bigger than you can imagine and I believe that you can make your dream come true. I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself too?