What immediately makes life energetic

How to recharge your batteries every day (17 power tips)

Is it difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you have hardly any energy during the day, are you tired and drained?

Then I have something for you here:

In this article, I'll tell you my 17 best tips for more energy straight away in the morning.

Because it is not for nothing that one says:

The first hour of the day determines the energy for the rest of the day.

With a powerful start to the morning, you automatically have a lot more energy for the whole day.

Do not you believe me?

Then just give it a try and feel it for yourself ...

Table of Contents

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How to jump out of bed with energy in the morning

Your body's energy level is highest in the morning and then falls further and further throughout the day.

That's why it's much easier to get started right in the morning than to build up your energy throughout the day.

But how do you manage to start with full swing in the morning when you actually feel completely powerless and energetic?

The solution is: With a morning routine!

It may cost you a bit of overcoming at the beginning, but once you have got used to it, you will start the day with a completely new swing and positive life energy. You will then never want to do without it again.

When putting together your morning routine, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Your morning routine should be easy for you and you should definitely enjoy it (because only then will you do it).
  • A 2 minute morning routine every morning is better than just 15 minutes or more once a week.
  • You should feel much more positive and energetic afterwards.

Just try a few things and find out what works best for you. And then write down your routine on a piece of paper and hang it next to your bed or in the bathroom so that you will be reminded of it every morning.

Small example - my morning routine looks like this:

All of the following tips are of course also suitable for maintaining your energy level during the day or to recharge your batteries quickly if you are sagging:

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17 tips to recharge your batteries

1. Stretch, shake, and hop up and down

In my experience, this is the best way to wake up quickly in the morning:

  • Rip your hands up and make yourself as big as you can.
  • Then try to reach the floor with your fingertips.
  • Do a few hip swings, circle your shoulders, rotate your arm joints.
  • Shake out your whole body. Wake up
  • Hop up and down a few times or hop across the room (hopping releases happiness hormones.)
  • Grimace, rub your face, and take a few deep breaths.

It's best to do this outdoors or by the open window. Afterwards you feel full of energy and zest for action.

You should definitely do this exercise about once an hour during the day, especially if you sit a lot all day.

2. Take a few deep breaths to relieve tiredness and exhaustion

Most of the time we breathe too quickly and too shallowly. As a result, our body receives too little oxygen and thus too little energy.

As soon as you find yourself getting tired and sluggish, do the following:

  • take a few conscious deep breaths into your lower abdomen
  • suck in as much air as you can
  • hold the air for a few seconds
  • exhale slowly until you run out of air in your lungs
  • hold this state again for a few seconds
  • repeat the whole thing seven times

Ideally, you do this breathing exercise by the open window or outside in nature.

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3. Hit your favorite music and dance

Put on your headphones, listen to your favorite song and concentrate fully on the music. Music is one of the greatest energizers.

If you want to get even more energy out of your favorite song, dance around the room or just nod when you're in the subway (you can of course also dance through the subway).

If you feel uncomfortable with dancing around, start small: make small head movements, rock your foot, drum your hands.

And of course you can also sing along loudly! This will add extra momentum to your vocal cords.

4. Increase your energy level through correct posture

Your posture has a huge impact on your energy level.

Notice how you stand when you feel exhausted and powerless: sagging shoulders, sagging head, crooked back.

If you now consciously straighten up, your body automatically generates more energy. You can then breathe much more freely and get more oxygen than with a buckled and sagging chest. More oxygen means more energy.

So: chest out, shoulders back and stretch your back.

More information about this:

5. Take a mini wellness vacation in the fresh air

Fresh air, nature, plants and a natural environment are like a mini wellness vacation for your body.

Give yourself and your body as much fresh air as possible and use every opportunity to be outside:

Open the window wide for the morning routine or, best of all, go straight outside. Spend your lunch break in the park, take an evening walk through the forest ...

And also ventilate your office as often as possible. Especially if you have air conditioning. Air conditioning systems ensure pleasant temperatures, but unfortunately also often poor air quality.

6. Move and thereby generate more energy

Exercise is generally the best way to recharge your energy.

Maybe you think now: "How, should I move? I can hardly get out of bed! "

But here comes the little secret:

The more energy you use, the more energy your body gives you!

It's best to start right after you get up: go for a walk or run for a few minutes, ride a bike or go swimming.

If at all possible, do this during your lunch break and after work.

Important NOTE: You don't have to jog 10km every morning. Every form of movement gets you going and gives your body more energy.

So, let's go!

More information about this:

7. Banish the greatest energy killer of all: negative thoughts

Your body and mind are inextricably linked.

This means:

Everything that burdens you mentally also draws massive amounts of energy from your body. So with anger, worry, negative thoughts and pointless brooding you are wasting an incredible amount of power.

Even people or experiences from your past that you cannot let go of cost you a lot of energy every day.

Therefore you should:

  • Conclude with the past (what's over is over. You can't change anything anyway. Instead, focus your energy on the present.)
  • Letting go of stressful thoughts and feelings (Holding on takes strength - this also applies to emotional holding on. If you let go, you can use your strength for other things.)
  • Learn to think positively (negative thoughts permanently drain your energy. This includes worries, fears and all sorts of problems that you are constantly brooding over.)
  • stop brooding (whether positive or negative: every single thought consumes energy. So the less buzzing around in your head, the better.)

More information about this:

8. Use the power of meditation: recharge your batteries for the soul

Not only movement gives you new energy, but also conscious relaxation.

This is especially true when you are stressed, because stress drains all of your energy in no time at all.

The best relaxation method is meditation. How to meditate properly, I will explain to you here: Learning to meditate - a little guide

By meditating regularly, you lower your overall stress level, become much more relaxed and bring more calm to your head (I explained to you under point 8 why this is important.)

Meditation is even more relaxing for the body than sleep. So you can use it at any time in between if you want to recharge your energy quickly.

I also recommend that you incorporate meditation into your morning routine - so you can start the day deeply relaxed and stress-free.

More information about this:

9. Good mood power: Bring more fun into your life

Have you ever felt exhausted and exhausted while having a lot of fun?


That doesn't work at all! Laughter and a good mood are the ultimate energy booster and you should use it as often as possible!

Here I have put together a whole series of tips for you: More fun in life: 11 tips for more joy in life

10. Do something crazy again!

When you need a quick boost of energy, do something crazy that challenges you:

Talk to total strangers, put yourself in the spotlight, hop like a frog through the shopping street ...

Of course, this takes extreme courage, but it will wake you up at the speed of light.

More information about this:

11. Follow your passion

If you do what you love, follow your heart and are in the so-called "flow", you have almost infinite energy at your disposal. Then you get up in the morning with a completely different motivation!

You notice this, for example, on vacation:

You can be in full action for a whole week and still feel happy, lively and relaxed afterwards. After a single day of work, on the other hand, you are tired, exhausted and drained ...

Therefore, you should do more of what you love in your life! If you don't know what exactly that is, you can find out here: Self-discovery: 18 tips to find out what you really want

More information about this:

12. Get the energy success kick

Without a goal in life, you have no reason to even get up in the morning. Goals and big visions can therefore be a great drive.

However, many people also feel demotivated when they feel they will never achieve their goals. What they then lack are a sense of achievement.

Successful experiences are extremely invigorating. They motivate you and you want to immediately tackle the next goal full of energy.

You can use this effect very consciously:

Break down your big goal into many individual small intermediate goals. The best thing to do is make it so small that you reach a small goal EVERY DAY! So you get a success-energy kick every day.

More information about this:

13. Charge your self-love battery

Do you think that you are in this world to be there for others? To meet the expectations of others? Or to make life as beautiful as possible for others?

If you believe THAT - and act like that - then you need not be surprised if your energy is insufficient! It is actually there for YOU!

And that's why you should use them for YOU too! You can only take care of others when you are doing really well yourself.

It's similar to jump-starting a car: your own battery has to be full before you can help others.

More information about this:

14. Avoid foods that drain your body of energy

You think that food provides your body with energy. But did you know that certain foods DRAIN energy from your body?

Unfortunately, this is not a joke!

Here are the 3 worst energy robbers in your diet:

  • sugar in all variants (Before all ready-made products contain a lot of sugar. Take a look at the list of ingredients. A little tip: everything that ends in -ose is a type of sugar. This includes fructose, glucose, lactose, dextrose, etc.)
  • wheat flour and everything that is made from it (rolls, cakes, cookies, pasta etc.)
  • alcohol, especially wine, sparkling wine, prosecco and champagne

The reason:

Sugar, flour, and alcohol are mostly made up of carbohydrates, which the body burns quickly. After the short power kick, however, the body then falls into a real energy hole. This is known as a so-called "soup coma".

So the bottom line is that you have LESS energy from these foods. So avoid them as much as possible.

15. Experience a completely new level of energy WITHOUT food

Do you think to have energy you have to eat?

Basically that's right ... Unfortunately, nowadays we eat far too much and far too often. Our body is basically constantly busy with digestion and then it lacks this energy elsewhere.

That's why you can INCREASE your energy level by taking longer breaks to eat (e.g. when fasting)!

I've been doing this myself for a number of years and I am thrilled every time how incredibly energetic I feel afterwards.

More information about this:

16. Have your nutrient supply checked

Eat as many fresh, plant-based, and unprocessed foods as possible. They supply your body with most of the nutrients and therefore with a lot of energy.

Should you still be permanently under Tiredness and exhaustion suffer, it's best to have a check-up at the doctor.

You could be missing vitamin D, B12, or other important nutrients.

You can then fill them up by taking nutritional supplements and you will soon be back to full power.

17. Find your ideal sleep rhythm

Everywhere it is recommended to sleep “regularly and sufficiently”. But what exactly does that mean?

For some people 6 hours a night is enough, others need 8 hours. One of them jumps out of bed at 5 a.m., while another doesn't really get going until 11 p.m.

The correct solution is:

Find your individual sleep rhythm!

Both the duration and the sleeping times vary from person to person. The only thing that counts is what YOU feel best about.

You can easily try this out:

Try different sleeping and waking times. Sleep 8 hours for a week, then 7 hours and then only 6 hours ... and you might be surprised that with less sleep you even feel fitter and more alert!

I can promise you one thing:

As soon as you implement a few of the tips mentioned here, you will sleep much BETTER, probably even LESS sleep and still have a lot more energy than ever before!

All energy tips in brief

Here I have summarized all 17 tips for you in a clear graphic:

You can also download the overview here and put it down or hang it up somewhere for inspiration, for example in the office:

Okay, these were my 17 best power tips for instantly more energy in everyday life.

My tip to you:

  1. Pick out 2-3 things that you want to integrate into your everyday life from now on.
  2. Put this together into a morning routine.
  3. Make a goal of trying this morning routine for at least 30 days.

You will notice: Your energy level will change completely in these 30 days! You will have a lot more zest for life, walk around more confidently and your whole life will be much better.

PS: If you want more practical and free tips for a better life, subscribe to my newsletter right here below. I will give you daily motivation to stick with it and start your everyday life full of energy.