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Repair Windows 10: This is how you fix errors

Your mouse pointer looks like it weighs 100 kilos and programs take forever to start? In such cases, many users format their hard drive and reinstall Windows 10. But that need not be. The Microsoft OS contains numerous troubleshooting functions. On our collection page we tell you how you can easily repair Windows 10.

  1. A solution for every problem
  2. Repair Windows 10 with on-board tools
  3. You should know these instructions for system repairs
    1. Instructions for software problems

Computer problems are uncomfortable and usually occur when you can't use them. If the keyboard suddenly goes on strike while editing an important document or Windows only outputs error messages after installing a new program, quick help is required. Here we have listed all the problems and their solutions that can often occur under Windows 10.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft for cell phones, tablets and computers. You can download the software here.

If you want to repair your system, you should first consider whether you changed anything in the configuration of your computer shortly before the error occurred. Have you connected a new mouse or keyboard? Is a USB stick plugged into a port on your laptop? In these cases you should update the drivers of your hardware. Was there a new installation recently that could cause problems? Then the program uninstalls once as a test.

A solution for every problem

If you can roughly estimate where the problems with your PC could come from, the search for a solution can be narrowed down further. If you have no idea where the errors could come from, system diagnostics programs will help you.

These analyze your PC in depth and search important databases such as the system logs and the Windows registry. In our download area you will find programs for system optimization, numerous system tools for Windows and powerful software for system monitoring. However, additional software is not always necessary. Installation is often not even possible after errors have occurred. For these cases, your Microsoft has its own in-house functions for system repairs.

Repair Windows 10 with on-board tools

Almost all instructions that have been labeled "Windows 10" on Netzwelt can be used on notebooks, computers and tablet PCs without additional installations. If further programs are required, the instructions contain a link to the necessary software in our download area.

These are the most common errors under Windows 10 error messages and Co.

Windows 10 has been available since July 2015 and continues to cause problems to this day. With us you will find numerous solutions for the most common problems of the current operating system from Microsoft.

You can use the search functions on our site to find the right instructions for error messages. In addition, we have summarized common Windows 10 errors and their solutions in a separate article for you. You should also know how to enter Safe Mode on your computer.

Only necessary drivers and functions are executed in this at startup, which minimizes sources of error. If your PC no longer boots up, the advanced start options, including system repairs, will help you. The linked instructions reveal how you can achieve this.

You should know these instructions for system repairs

So that you can find these instructions quickly in the event of problems, we have summarized them in a clear list below.

Windows 10: Repair errors via SFC and DISM

If your Windows 10 PC is no longer running smoothly and shows incomprehensible error messages, the two system tools SFC and DISM may be able to help you. We'll show you how to use them to repair your system.

Windows 10: Start in Safe Mode - Instructions

If your PC does not start or if you have problems, you should restart in safe mode. Not all drivers and services are loaded here. Netzwelt tells you how to start Windows 10 in safe mode.

In addition, we have put together problem solutions for common errors. We divide these into problems with the hardware and problems with the operating system. Solutions to software problems can be found below. We give you help for hardware problems in a separate text.

Instructions for software problems

Windows 10 does not start - you have to do that now

The computer is plugged in, a screen is connected and your hardware is also working properly. If your Windows 10 still does not start, you can find out how to solve the start-up problems here.

If your operating system is running again as usual, you will find further instructions on everything to do with Windows 10 in our article "How do I use computers with Windows 10?".

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In addition, the Windows Patchday takes place every month, on which Microsoft releases smaller updates for the operating system. Are you interested in the functions of future Windows versions? Then take part in the Windows Insider Program and get an exciting look ahead.