How rich is Dwayne Johnson

"Forbes" list: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is highest paid actor

This year's first place for highest paid actors is defended by last year's number one Dwayne Johnson. You can find out which gentlemen end up in the other places here.

The former ring name of Dwayne Johnson could not be more appropriate - because "The Rock" is truly filthy rich. For the second time in a row, the 48-year-old action and comedy star made the most money, according to Forbes. In 2020 alone, and despite Corona, it was 87.5 million US dollars (around 75 million euros). No other male movie hero could shovel anywhere near such an impressive sum into his bank account. "The Rock" also earns a lot on Instagram.

For comparison: Johnson's "Red Notice" co-star Ryan Reynolds came in second with 71.5 million US dollars (around 61 million euros). Third place went to Mark Wahlberg with 58 million US dollars (around 49.5 million euros). What the members of the top 3 have in common: They were all recently able to bag highly lucrative deals with the streaming provider Netflix.

You can find out which prominent men are following in our photo show.

Disney deal upsets the top 10

Two surprises are in sixth and seventh place: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar with 48.5 million US dollars (around 41 million euros) outperformed Lin-Manuel Miranda with 45.5 million US dollars (around 39 million euros). The fact that the latter is in the top 10 for the first time has to do with a deal he made with Disney for his Broadway play "Hamilton".

Will Smith secured eighth place with various projects. The "Fresh Prince" comes to 44.5 million US dollars (around 38 million euros). Adam Sandler, who has a Netflix pension contract, weighs 41 million US dollars (35 million euros). The top 10 is rounded off by a veteran of the cinema: The 66-year-old Jackie Chan can look forward to income of 40 million US dollars (around 34 million euros) in 2020.