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Personalized gifts

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What to give a personalized birthday present? Personalized gifts - giving away something special

What to give a personalized birthday present? Personalized gifts - giving away something special

Personal gifts are just the thing for anyone looking for an unusual idea! Because personalized gifts give every present a personal touch and show the recipient that they are particularly valued. After all, we at Monsterzeug live by the maxim that only the special and extraordinary gift is worth giving away. With our products, you have the option of having your wishes or personal messages engraved, for example with the name of the birthday child. In this way beget Personalized gifts of creativity and ingenuity in giving. And now have fun while browsing!

Personalized gifts as personal gift ideas

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for personalized birthday gifts, personalized gifts for weddings or simply engraved gifts for men. You can be sure that your search will soon come to an end. Because in our well-stocked online shop we can print, engrave and personalize an infinite number of products. In this way you show the recipient your appreciation and can customize the gift as you wish. For some products, in addition to the obligatory immortalization of the name, you can also insert a desired date or a personal dedication. In order to create our collection of the best personal gifts, we worked feverishly with our reliable and tireless shop mascot Marty McMonster to create this category that will enable you to find the perfect gift. With all of our products in the category Personalized gifts You will find an input field at the top of the product page below the price information, in which you can easily enter the individual information that is to be engraved or printed. If you have any other comments or wishes for your personalized gift, please let us know in the comments field during the ordering process. Our employees, who are responsible for engraving and printing, will do their best to take very individual ideas into account.

Gifts personalized and individually designed - engraved gifts and printed items

Have you already decided on a personal gift? Then, if necessary, select your desired variant, enter your desired individual information in the text field and off you go! We promise you - whether unusual gifts for men or women, personalized gifts for Mother's Day or personal gifts for the wedding - individualized gifts always ensure an unforgettable surprise effect and are really first-class for young and old. We offer you a wide variety of personalization options. For example, the Tree disc with engraving - deer motif only your desired initials are entered, while the name and age of the wheat glass are adjusted with engraving. For example, things get really individual and therefore particularly personal with the Toilet brush - winner's cup, where you have completely free choice as far as the engraving is concerned. Think up a funny saying, just enter the desired date or a name or choose one of our cheeky suggestions, which you will find in the variations. Every present becomes a unique product and has the status of a truly unique item. Use our practical filter function to put the gift ideas together according to the occasion or to limit a certain budget. For example, you can use our name gifts category if you would like to have a personalized gift with your desired name.

Personalize funny gift ideas

Are you looking for a present for your best friend or a humorous gift idea for a family member? Then you are in the right place in this category. Because in addition to really noble and serious gifts such as the romantic wedding lantern - personalized - as is to be expected with us - of course the humor does not fall by the wayside. If you would like to give away something with a personal character that not only puts an enthusiastic grin on the face of the recipient at the first moment of unpacking, but makes him or her laugh out loud, then you will surely find it in this category. Because here you can easily design and engrave funny gifts. Take a look at the Personalized Poker Cards game, which will stir up every game night with your faces on the cards. Or how about that Personalized mug - birthday anniversarythat, thanks to the charming bill, makes the birthday child appear incredibly young at first glance. In addition to their individual character, personal gifts also have a dazzling humor factor. Take a look at personalized Christmas gifts, presents for men, women and children as well as funny birthday gifts and easily find your favorite funny gift.

Personalized baby gifts and wedding gifts with engraving

Extraordinary gifts are always not that easy to find, especially if you want personal gift ideas for grandparents or even personalized gifts for the wedding. Of course you would prefer them if they were affordable, unique and obviously tailored to the recipient. Since this is not always possible, gifts with a personal touch are increasingly being used. Be it the engraved name as with the champagne glasses - Mr and Mrs, a saying (Passbook for the wedding - love poem) or even a personal photo like on the personalized pop art picture for couples - personalized gifts are always unique and that is exactly what makes them the most popular presents of all. We have many products for all ages and genders. Whether children, adolescents, elderly people or even babies - everyone who is looking for personalized gifts for a certain age group will find something here. Have a look at our most popular customized ones Baby gifts and personalized gifts at birth. Maybe you like the personalized ultrasound image - boy or that Personalized savings book for the birth? Browse through our range and be inspired by our personal gifts!

Our top sellers - personalized gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends

If you haven't found the right thing yet, take a look at our most popular personalized gifts and let yourself be inspired:
  • Medallion chain with engraving - The personalized chain in an elaborate and elegant design is individually engraved with your desired name and is a really high-quality gift that is a real eye-catcher with a sparkling faceted stone!
  • USB stick with engraving for the wedding - Give away the most beautiful pictures of the couple, the best photos of the JGA or the most beautiful songs for the bride and groom on this individually engraved USB stick in an elegant wooden box.
  • Personalized Game - No Trouble - With an individual photo on cardboard and game board as well as an individual name print, this board game is twice as much fun! And don't forget: getting angry is forbidden!

Just browse through our section Personalized gifts and finally find the perfect answer to the question: "What to give a personalized birthday present?".

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