Why is Nike the best shoe brand

These Nike sneakers are a must have

  1. Walking like on air cushions: Nike Air Max

A sneaker with visible air cushion? What was still a revolution in 1987 is now a proven trademark of cult sneakers. “The Air Max is probably one of the most popular innovations from Nike ”, explains Sneakerhead Thomas Erlandsen, “Starting with

. All new models are based on this. "

Chief designer Tinker Hatfield was inspired by the Parisian to create the revolutionary air cushion design Center Pompidou with its open infrastructure. Just like the building, the Air Max impress with their extravagant, futuristic design. By the way, they come into their own with ankle pants and statement socks.

  1. Streamlined perfection: Air Max 97

The retro sneaker stands for pure 90s feeling. Whether with mom jeans, track pants or power suits: the trend shoe makes your outfit a statement. “It has a lot of creative potential,” says Nike fan Erlandsen diverse design options. "I think it was definitely ahead of its time because it looks so futuristic."

It is therefore hardly surprising that a Japanese bullet train was used as the source of inspiration for the Air Max 97 flagship model "Silver Bullet". Not just those taken up in the design Streamlines remind of speed. The sneaker runs similarly to the train narrow towards the front to. This also has a practical use: "It is rounded," emphasizes Erlandsen. "This makes it look narrower, even though it is a chunky shoe."

  1. A pop culture icon: Air Force 1

It should not be missing in any sneaker collection: The Nike Air Force 1 is considered the sneaker icon par excellence. He has long since made the jump from the basketball court to the workplace. The reason: “Its simple design,” says Erlandsen. With his minimalist retro look therefore it goes just as well with a casual business outfit as it does with jeans and a T-shirt. Particularly popular: white hi-tops with ankle-high Velcro fasteners.

In general, Air Force 1, which Erlandsen describes as "somewhere between a chunky and a slim sneaker", qualifies as an excellent shoe for people with rather narrow and long feet, because, according to Erlandsen, they let the foot “gain height” without looking too bulky.

  1. Simply a stylish everyday sneaker: the Nike Delfine

According to Erlandsen, the Nike Delfine impresses with its successful color combinations and, because it is so light and comfortable, simply proves to be more solid Everyday shoe for women. As the upstart of the Nike Wmns collection, it is optimally tailored to the female foot and is neither too narrow nor too bulky.

  1. Finally slim sneakers! Air Max Thea