What is unemployment like after military service

Military service and civil defense

Service providers who live in Switzerland or abroad are entitled to compensation for loss of earnings (EO).

  • for every paid day of service in the Swiss Army, in military women's service, in civil defense and in Red Cross service; -
  • for every day of service in community service that can be credited;
  • for every day of the course in federal or cantonal leadership courses for youth and sport for which they receive a daily allowance;
  • for each day of the young rifle leader courses for which they receive the functional salary.

Business allowance is given to service providers who bear the costs of a business (business premises, etc.) and who earn the majority of their income from self-employment as

  • Owner, tenant or usufructuary;
  • Partner in a general partnership;
  • unrestrictedly liable partner in a limited partnership;
  • Participant in another group of people geared towards a profitable purpose without a legal personality (e.g. simple partnership, community of heirs).
Maximum possible amount of an EO credit

In the case of employed persons, the total compensation may not exceed the average previous employment income, but in any case CHF 245 per day.

In the case of non-employed persons, the total compensation may not exceed CHF 123 per day and during certain degree change services CHF 172 per day.

In principle, service providers in training are considered to be inactive. However, if they were gainfully employed for at least 4 weeks or 20 working days or 160 hours of work in the 12 months prior to entry, they are considered to be gainfully employed. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to higher compensation compared to an inactive person.

If the minimum duration has been fulfilled with irregular employment, which may be weekly, daily or hourly employment with different employers, the supplementary sheet 3 for the registration card must be filled out by them and submitted with the registration card. The form can be obtained from the universities, the AHV compensation offices and their branches, as well as from the accounting officers.

Service providers who intended to be gainfully employed for at least 4 weeks in the year prior to their entry but were unable to find a suitable job due to the labor market situation are also considered to be gainfully employed. With the registration card, you must submit a confirmation from the employment office on supplementary sheet 3. The average wage specified by the responsible employment office is used as the basis for assessment.

In the case of unemployment or short-time work, the calculation of the compensation is based on the income that the service providers earned before the start of unemployment or short-time work. If the loss of earnings allowance is nevertheless lower than the unemployment allowance, you can claim the difference within the statutory period of payment from your unemployment insurance fund (except for recruitment schools and degree change services).

More detailed information on the compensation for loss of earnings can be found in leaflet 6.01.