Why is deep sea diving dangerous?

Dangers of deep diving: When recreational divers exceed the depth limit

The air quickly becomes thin in the depths: During a 50-meter dive, a buddy team experiences the consequences of a technical defect. We explain the incident in the DIVING error analysis.

The recreational diving limit is actually 40 meters, but Rescue Diver Manfred and his AOWD buddy Michael want to gain new experience: With 60 and 100 logged dives, the two feel well equipped for a deeper mission. 12 liter bottles with 200 bar filling should be enough. The dive is planned along a steep wall to a depth of 45 to 60 meters. A direct dive to the maximum depth is discussed during the briefing. Then you should dive along the steep face until the first in the group has only 100 bar residual pressure in the bottle. When looking at the steep face with the purple gorgonians, however, time flies by.

Suddenly the two hear a loud hissing sound. What's this? The machine can't blow off because the water isn't really cold. Photo: W. Pƶlzer

Dangers of deep diving: Beyond the depth limit

Suddenly something unexpected happens: Manfred is fighting with his equipment - the medium pressure hose has apparently burst. Michael dives quickly to his buddy and tries to turn off the valve. In the hustle and bustle, he turns the wrong wheel. In a panic, Manfred grabs Michael's octopus. Then he finally manages to close the right valve. Too late: the bottle is as good as empty. The two of them now breathe out of Michael's bottle together, but it only contains 50 bar of residual air.