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Insurtechs from all over the world at a glance


1 Insurtechs from all over the world at a glance annex: The following table briefly describes the 97 start-ups analyzed, their allocation to the GMM and the country in which they are based. The description of the company's purpose is based on the analysis of the material available online and only provides an insight into the activities of the start-ups. We mark companies (UN) with a * that are still in the founding process, resp. are not yet operationally active at the time stated in the introduction. Name Description Headquarters 360Globalnet 360Globalnet specializes in the claims settlement process. The policyholder (VN) can submit the damage report online via image, video or text. he software is offered to the insurer in modules. / nalyze Renalyzere has specialized in risk analysis and offers re / insurers tools for data analysis in the form of software. he products enable faster and more accurate pricing and portfolio decisions. NIVO NIVO acts as a broker who offers an online comparison and personal advice. The widget developed for insurance comparison can be integrated into their platform by partners. / ppsichern as start-up ppsichern focuses on short-term insurance protection with an individual term via pp. supplementary insurance for certain situations or niche products in areas such as sports, travel or family. assona assona offers special insurance and cover letters as well as extended warranties for mobile and stationary electronic devices and bicycles. asuro ie pp from asuro supports contract management, enables the UN to review and optimize its portfolio, submit damage reports online and communicate with consultants. b2bprotect b2bprotect develops new insurance products and sales channels with various partners such as re / insurance companies and brokers. LP BeagleStreet Life insurance can be taken out online at BeagleStreet. In addition, services such as family counseling are offered. BeePool as the start-up BeePool offers a platform on which users can insure their animals. he premiums are paid into a common pool, so the users insure each other. BizInsure BizInsure offers various products for companies that want to insure liability risks as well as errors and omissions. Blockverify Blockverify uses block-chain technology to combat counterfeiting and fraud, especially in the area of ​​iamanten. Bolt Solutions Bolt has developed software for marketing and distributing insurance products. The software supports, for example, the recognition of new consumer trends. Bought By Many Bought By Many brings people with specific niche risks such as rare diseases, and work with insurers to find a suitable product for this need. Brolly * as the start-up Brolly wants a personal insurance manager who optimizes customer insurance. It should also be possible to take out insurance directly. Clark.de Clark bundles and digitizes all insurance policies and creates comparisons and needs checks. Climate Corporation This start-up has developed software that provides farmers with data to protect crops and increase profitability. In addition, the UN has offered appropriate insurance solutions for the harvests. his business area was sold to mtrust Financial Services in 2015. / Clover Health Clover Health offers health insurance. The various plans include additional products, such as fitness center memberships or a personal care team that helps the UN to stay healthy. CommonEasy as the website is only available in Dutch, no further details can be given. However, it can be assumed that it is a business model. Community Life Community Life specializes in retirement insurance. All processes are handled entirely online, including the health check. 10% of the commission is set aside for cases in which the insurance does not provide any service. Coverdoo Coverdoo compares users' insurance needs with existing insurance contracts, identifies possible gaps and points out suitable solutions from various insurers. Covomo Covomo is a specialist in travel and offers all the necessary insurance (including health insurance, luggage, etc.). he platform can also be used by brokers to compare insurance. / Cuvva At Cuvva you can take out car insurance for the rental of vehicles. The running time is limited to a few hours.

2 igital Risks igital Risks offers insurance solutions in subscription form for small UN and start-ups in the technology or media industry, in particular to cover the emerging needs in the digital sector. S ynamis ynamis has developed software for brokers. his optimizes the sales process and increases the success rate. he software demonstrates the expertise and presents better solutions for customers. Everledger as the start-up Everledger deals with fraud detection in the field of jewelry based on block-chain technology. EZLynx as the start-up EZLynx has developed software for agencies that optimizes work processes. he software helps you to accompany the UN in all processes. / fairr.de fairr.de is a financial investment broker and focuses on state-sponsored old-age provision. Users can calculate offers for various products on the platform. Fair-sichert24 Fair-sichert24 offers individual, free and non-binding offers for private and business customers. Feelix Feelix is ​​a financial management solution that aims to provide control over finances. Various contracts can be managed using pp. Users can also find financial products from cooperation partners. / Financefox Financefox digitizes and organizes insurance contracts and relies on personal advice, digitally or at home. Finanzchef24 Finanzchef24 specializes in commercial insurance. Entrepreneurs and the self-employed can find the right insurance on the platform using an online calculator and take it out online. Fitsense he platform Fitsense enables insurance companies to integrate and analyze health data from portable devices (e.g. wristbands) or smartphones. Life and health insurances are to be personalized. SG Founder Shield Founder Shield offers various insurance products especially for start-ups. Entrepreneurs can choose from the product packages that insure against various risks, such as liability claims or the failure of the key person. Friend-surance Friendsurance categorizes its customers into different groups and divides their insurance premiums. One part goes to the insurance company, the other goes into a common pool. Smaller damages are settled directly from this pool, the larger ones are paid for by the insurance company. / Gaggel * Gaggel wants to offer a platform that makes it possible to insure mobile phones in a simple and fair way. The whole should be based on a social network and offer the user a possibility for refunds. k .. Gather Gather provides a platform to collectively insure yourself against commercial risks. he premiums are paid into a pool, from which claims settlement is carried out by Gather. The remaining amounts will be paid back to the users. GetSafe Getsafe offers an insurance manager for an optimal overview as a pp. As start-up takes care of its users in matters of insurance and optimizes their insurance coverage. Grünversichert grünverischert offers sustainable insurance products and invests 75% of the company's profits in ecological, sustainable and social projects and the UN. Guevara Guevara categorizes its customers into different communities. Part of the motor vehicle premiums goes to the insurer, the other part goes to a communal pool. Damages are paid for from the pool, if these are not sufficient, the insurer is used. If there is still money left in the pool, the pool only needs to be replenished in the following year. In this way, users save up to 50% with no damage. Haven Life Haven Life is an in-house start-up of the insurance company MassMutual. With the Haven Life platform, life insurances from different insurers can be compared and Haven Life products can be concluded. Influmetrics Influmetrics supports their customers in decision-making in various areas, such as fraud or marketing. Insly Insly offers software for insurance brokers for handling all processes, such as the creation of comparison offers. The software also provides an overview of sales activities. / S / Inspeer Inspeer offers a platform on which the franchise can be insured in a community. The user can invite his relatives to participate in the franchise in the event of damage. Inspool * Inspool wants to focus on the auto insurance sector in the future. Further information is currently not known. Insquik Insquik offers software for brokers to support the sales process of life insurance. he as produced software enables an individual adaptation. insure a peer * With insure a peer, users can insure their deductible from the car insurance through a shared pool. If there is no damage, up to 90% of the contributions will be paid back to the user.

3 insure the box Insure the box offers telematics car insurance. Driving behavior is recorded by means of a black box built into the vehicle. The policyholder can benefit from premium reductions through safe driving. In addition, an alarm is triggered in the event of an accident or theft. CL / Jointly * With Jointly, users can take out car insurance in the future. Immediately upon completion, the cashback flows into a shared pool. Smaller damages are paid for from this pool, larger ones by the insurer. The user receives any remaining money back. KSKO KSKO develops flexible insurance products and cross-selling solutions (webapp, iframe, REST PI) for digital business. he insurance solutions can be purchased directly from KSKO (irekt Protekt) as well as from partners. / Knip as the start-up Knip acts as a digital insurance broker and is the only point of contact for its users when it comes to insurance. L'mie insurance in the areas of household and home ownership as well as tom can be taken out online at L'mie. Lemonade * No details are available yet. Life Insurance made easy (LIME Global) LIME (Global) offers advice on life insurance, which can also be taken out directly online. U Life Insurance made easy (LIME) LIME offers an individually adaptable platform for banks, life insurers and distributors for all digital and online customer experiences. U massup MassUp has developed a platform for the sale of nnex, niche and short-term insurance. he platform enables complete processing, from the entry to commission accounting. Meteo Protect Meteo Protect is a re / insurance broker that deals with risk management in the field of weather. The start-up offers financial products that protect against unfavorable weather conditions, IN Metromile Metromile offers car insurance, which is billed based on the amount of driving. The start-up also offers car insurance for over-providers. mobilversichert mobilversichert has developed a pp which brings brokers and customers together. In addition, pp supports the policyholder in managing the policies with a digital insurance folder. Moneymeets Moneymeets offers an overview of the assets of epots, accounts and insurances. myrive myrive offers an end-to-end insurance telematics system that provides the insurer with information on the driving behavior of its customers and the associated risks. ie pp for the UN encouraged by feedback on safe driving. Online Versicherung.de At OnlineVersicherung.de you can take out insurance for special insurance cover for electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, notebooks, consoles and cameras) and bicycles. Events such as operating errors or battery wear are insured. Oscar Oscar works in the health insurance sector. The plans offered include free routine treatments such as blood tests, various doctor visits, and generic drugs. passt24 as start-up enables an insurance comparison with its platform and brings customers and insurers together. The users enter the desired insurance coverage and pass24 receives various offers from various insurers. PeerCover With PeerCover, deductibles can be insured through a community. In the event of damage, there is a fee. NZ PeerSure * PeerSure, according to ngellist.co, would like to offer insurance in the area of ​​sharing economy. he start-up especially wants to close the gap between commercial and private insurance protection for Uber or irbnb providers. Policy Genius uf Policy Genius, the tariffs of different providers can be compared and concluded. The insurance check-up tool can also be used to determine individual requirements. Quan Template he software from QuanTemplate helps re / insurers to approach complex analyzes in ata management and business intelligence. They support you in making decisions and evaluating activities such as underwriting, claims management and custody. RightIndem * RightIndem manufactures claims management software designed to increase productivity and strengthen customer loyalty. RiskGenius With the software from RiskGenius brokers can analyze the policies of their customers. The policies can be uploaded directly to the RiskGenius platform. he software identifies regulations and compares policies. Riskmatch RiskMatch provides a web-based analysis of software for insurers. This enables, among other things, market trends and benchmarks to be identified.

4 Roundcube Roundcube develops innovative software products for insurers who are active in the property and liability insurance sector. he platform has a modular structure and can be implemented in the insurers' existing systems. safe.me * he mission of safe.me is to develop a real, maximally automated digital broker who accompanies and advises people just as safely and individually as I do, explains one of the founders. k .. Schutzklick Schutzklick sells product insurances, such as guarantee insurance for household and hardware store equipment, animal insurance or cell phone and bicycle theft protection, which can be taken out online. PL IT Simplr Simplr offers users help in insurance management. ll contracts can be managed in an overview and policies can be compared with other offers. SmartContract as Start-up SmartContract provides a platform. Internal or external systems are networked with the platform and various processes, such as contract processing, are automated. smartie.ch on the smartie.ch platform, premiums for health and car insurance can be compared. In the community, questions can be asked and experiences can be shared. Social Intelligence Social Intelligence has developed a rating system that enables insurers to handle processes such as claims settlement or underwriting more efficiently using data from social networks. he platform evaluates risks in critical phases (including sale, claims settlement and renewal) of the life cycle of a policy. In addition, the platform identifies and evaluates publicly available information and assigns it. Surely as a start-up Surely offers various software products for direct sales of insurance companies. Tarifair Tarifair provides insurance brokers with an extensive database of insurance tariffs. F TE TE offers a central and paperless storage of policies. In addition, customers benefit from customer service and a tariff comparison from numerous insurers. The Floow The Floow has developed a telematics system to analyze driving behavior. The start-up wants to use this software solution to increase customer loyalty and profit for insurers and to offer responsible customers fair premiums. The Zebra The Zebra provides a comparison portal for car insurance. Tippgeber.UG Tippgeber.UG provides a platform for brokering insurance policies in the areas of health, life and pension insurance. Users can broker policies themselves and earn a commission in the process. TongJuBao as the start-up TongJuBao offers a platform to insure yourself against special risks in a community, such as missing children or legal advice in the event of divorce. CN Tractable Tractable offers software for the settlement of vehicle damage using an algorithm. For example, an estimate of the amount of damage is automatically calculated based on a submitted photo of the damage. Tradle Tradle externalizes and automates transactions in global trade using blockchain technology. The start-up uses open source projects and in-house tools to do this. k ..OS Treefin Treefin uses a needs check to identify gaps and improvement potentials of its users and, if necessary, passes them on to independent consultants or to a comparison portal. Trov as the start-up wants to expand its offer to on-emand insurance for items. The items can only be insured against certain risks if necessary, for example for a day. UVMO * No details are available yet. insurance file Insurance file offers a platform for digitizing contracts. The start-up offers, among other things, needs analyzes and the opportunity to compare different insurance companies. The insurance file will also be offered as a product from 2016. / Virado (first digital) Virado manages a middleware that connects insurers with partners. Vitality With Vitality, health and life insurance can be taken out for both private individuals and employees. In addition, a large number of precautionary and prevention programs are offered. Vlocity Vlocity offers cloud-based software solutions for various industries. In the insurance industry, the software supports the insurer in selling products, provides an overview of the product portfolio and much more. Pension campaign as start-up is primarily concerned with old-age provision and finances. Various contracts can be managed with the digital insurance folder. Wallflower * Wallflower has developed a device that serves to prevent house fires. IT

5 Wesura (Wesurance) Wesura offers a platform on which users in a community can insure themselves against theft. If there are no damages, you will receive part of the contributions back. CO Zenefits Zenefits automates personnel administration processes with its software. This service is offered for various industries and is free of charge. The start-up generates income by arranging insurance for its employees. RB legend: k .. no information; VN policyholder; Two-sided market; ffiliation; CL Customer Loyalty; igitalization; ES Experience Selling; F freemium; LP Layer Player; Leverage Customer ata; Mass customization; OS open source; Pay per use; Peer to peer; S subscription; Solution provider; RB Razor and Balde; White label; * = Start-up in the founding process