Why should we look for diamonds from ethical sources

Flawless two-carat diamonds (2.01-2.05 ct)

The larger a diamond, the rarer it occurs in nature. That makes it a rarity that was rarely made two billion years ago. With increasing rarity, however, the price rises disproportionately: a flawless 2-carat still costs more than twice as much as two flawless single-carats of the same quality with a total of two carats.

The two-carat as an investment

Anyone looking for a mobile store of value for larger amounts is in the right place with a 2-carat diamond. Although it only weighs 0.4 grams (1 carat = O.2 gr.), It represents the equivalent of up to over 2 kilos of gold. The following applies: the larger the stone, the higher the concentration of value.

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What you should know about diamonds as asset protection:

The search for the right investment to protect assets seems to be getting more and more difficult. Stocks and bonds have become too risky. For example, diamonds for investment are increasingly becoming the focus of investors' attention as a physical asset. Because the diamond has decisive advantages: For example, the price of diamonds has developed positively over the past 25 years. Even cyclical events could not affect the price of diamonds in the long term. In addition, the diamond has the greatest value in the smallest space. A four-carat (= 0.8 gr.) TOP brilliant-cut diamond is worth 10 kg of gold for approx. 350,000 euros. These and numerous other advantages make diamonds a valuable investment for the future.

The DIAMONDAS investment diamonds

When it comes to investment diamonds, we rely exclusively on the very highest quality: from our experience, only flawless, excellently cut diamonds in the highest colors come into question when investing in diamonds.

  • only flawless diamonds
  • in the highest white colors D-H
  • in excellent cut quality
  • only in the sizes you are looking for
  • with the best GIA certificate

We trust exclusively - like almost all diamond experts worldwide - on the certificate of the “Gemological Institute of America” (GIA). This institute and its certificate have the highest international reputation. They are the guarantee for a serious quality determination, which is the basis for a realistic price determination.

For every single investment diamond that you purchase from us, you will receive an independent GIA certificate that is only associated with the respective diamond. GIA uses a laser to engrave the certificate number associated with the certificate on each diamond. So you can always be sure that your diamond is identical to the respective certificate.

This GIA certificate enables you to achieve the best possible price on the market in the event of a resale.

If you are planning to invest in investment diamonds, you can order directly online here or get information in advance by telephone:
Germany +49 (0) 211 237 04922
Belgium +32 3 808 39 37

Advice for investors in diamonds:

According to their own statements, DIAMONDAS customers protect around 5% of their assets by purchasing investment diamonds. This investment in diamonds is intended to secure your assets over generations in the long term. Above all, it is diamonds that have always been highly valued as “the hardest“ currency in the world ”(FAZ): They have retained their value beyond all political and economic events.

The sales prices shown in euros are based on the current exchange rate to the US dollar and include the applicable value added tax.

Diamonds need experience and expertise

In the world of diamonds, experience and expertise have top priority. Even the smallest, barely noticeable nuances have a major influence on the price and also on the resalability of a diamond. For example, diamonds should only be purchased from specialists who have many years of experience in this particular profession.

For example, even the smallest crystalline, point-like inclusions, which are only visible to the human eye at over 10x magnification, have a major influence on the quality and thus also on the price of a diamond. Only experts with many years of experience can correctly assess the quality and price of a diamond.

At DIAMONDAS, the four-eyes principle always applies to the quality assurance of the investment diamonds on offer: Each diamond is checked by at least two diamond experts for the quality information in the certificate and the identity of the stone and certificate.

The resale of investment diamonds at DIAMONDAS

Every investment is only as good as its later feasibility. This is especially true for an investment in investment diamonds. Buying diamonds at DIAMONDAS is not a one-way street. First and foremost, we as the seller see it as our responsibility to support you in the event of the planned resale of the diamonds purchased from us in such a way that you can achieve an optimal sale price.

To do this, we proceed in this order depending on the current market situation:

  1. DIAMONDAS buys these diamonds back and takes them over into its inventory or
  2. We offer them to our customers at home and abroad or
  3. We sell your diamonds for you on the worldwide diamond markets.

This requires an international network in the world of diamonds, which DIAMONDAS and its affiliated companies have had for more than 30 years.

To determine the sales price, we will make you appropriate offers and suggestions based on the current diamond prices at the time of resale on the basis of the current currency parity with the US dollar.

In addition, international auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s o. the possibility of recycling unmounted diamonds.

We are convinced that in the near future there will be online platforms, as is already the case with cars, art and watches, that directly bring together buyers and sellers of investment diamonds around the world. Here, too, it will be of great advantage to have the most internationally recognized diamond certificate from GIA.

Only ethical diamonds from safe sources

For us at DIAMONDAS it is a matter of course that we only sell diamonds for value protection that can prove a complete origin from ethically sound sources. Upon delivery, you will receive a binding confirmation that the investment diamonds you have purchased comply with the compliance guidelines of the European Community and the regulations of the United Nations.

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