Which company factory does CLAE shoe shoes

For many years, avesu co-founder Thomas Reichel and NAE founding couple Paula and Alex Pérez have met regularly, whether at the Fashion Week in the vegan food mecca and AVESU's hometown of Berlin, or for a more relaxed get-together in the comparatively leisurely Portugal. They talk about new models, fashion trends, vegan innovations and planned collaborations. In the spring of 2016, Thomas used his visit to gain an insight into one of NAE's production facilities.

The factory, which produces up to 350 pairs of shoes a day and has been working with NAE for many years, is located around 40 kilometers from the capital, Porto. 30 employees work on shoes for NAE and other brands in an area of ​​around 500 square meters. Portugal is still not in the best economic position in a European comparison. Income is low, as is economic power and the number of unemployed high. The average wage in the country is around € 1,150 per month (tradingeconmoics.com), and the government's recommended minimum wage is € 700 per month. An employee in production usually earns between € 740 and € 1,500, depending on work experience, length of service and position. This puts Portugal just above the Balkans and the former USSR. What doesn't sound particularly inviting for employees is, however, mostly attractive for companies. After all, cheap wages right here in Europe. Nevertheless, it does not seem to be the low costs that attract companies here, but rather the tradition of the shoe industry in this westernmost of the European countries.

Young brands from Europe in particular appreciate the expertise of the local industry, which offers quality, short transport routes and low costs, while still meeting working standards in accordance with EU guidelines. In NAE's partner factory, Rui Riberio regards this theory as proven. The factory pays its employees more than most of its competitors, and the loyalty of its customers shows that they seem to like to pay more for quality and good salaries.