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Nike: Leading sporting goods manufacturer worldwide

Published by M. Hohmann, April 6th, 2021
Named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike is the largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world, ahead of Adidas, with sales of more than 37 billion and a profit of around 2.5 billion US dollars.

The company from the US state of Oregon did not initially manufacture any of its own products, but originally acted as a pure sales partner for the Japanese brand Asics. The rise to a global corporation began at the latest with the signing of basketball star Michael Jordan in 1984. Sneakers from the “Air Jordan” franchise played a major role in Nike's commercial success at that time and are still one of the group's best-known product lines Joschka Fischer was sworn in as Hessian Environment Minister in 1985 wearing sneakers, sneakers from Nike were the footwear of his choice. The trademark - the "Swoosh" - was designed in 1971 by a student for $ 35. Today the company with the hook is considered the most valuable clothing brand in the world.

In order to cultivate this symbolic capital, the aura of the brand, Nike was the first sporting goods manufacturer to set up its own retail division and opened flagship stores at 1,096 locations worldwide from 1990 onwards. With this, Nike established a trend for the entire industry. Adidas and Puma also adapted the concept in order to be able to stage their products in a hermetic environment and to receive more direct feedback from their customers.

Nike's corporate strategy