How big is your closet

How big is your closet?

  • Hello girls,

    we want to treat ourselves to a new bedroom this year (at the moment we have a 20 year old one in black * scary *).

    Our bedroom has 17m², but there is also a good opportunity to accommodate a large closet. Just how big? At the moment we have 3m, but since it also has a somewhat stupid interior, it no longer fits in like the clothes ... I would like to have all our clothes, bed linen, our collection of games in the closet (currently limited to just under 10 including card games ) and also a pair of shoes (our shoe cupboards are just way too small ).

    How big is your wardrobe and would you like a bigger one or is the size OK?

    What do you think of a corner wardrobe (in our case it would be half-walkable)?

  • Hello!

    When we last moved, we treated ourselves to a new bedroom. have a room of approx. 20m².

    we got a P * X from sweden and i'm super satisfied. 3.50m wide, almost 2.40 high (there is also a lower one, we were lucky - it just fits into the height). You can design the inner workings of the P * X however you want. we have adapted it to our personal needs;). for example, i have a pull-out shoe rack for the shoes i'm currently wearing. my husband pulls out a shelf with compartments for ties and belts and 2 bars on top of each other for shirts or suits and pants.

    Unfortunately, the closet is a bit small - which is more due to our mountain clothes: D. we still have storage space for coats, jackets and shoes in the basement. also an extra shoe cabinet in the hallway.
    I also put bed linen and some towels in the closet (upstairs, where you rarely have to go).

    I would choose it again and again. in a matching color we have a m * lm bed, also from sweden.


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  • PS: I personally don't like corner cabinets. but is a matter of taste. I don't like it optically.

    Life is not about sitting out the storm.
    It's about learning how to dance in the rain.

  • Too small ....

    We also have the system from Sweden and have * brooding * 3 meters (i.e. two large and two half parts), in which there are sometimes drawers (4 in each half) and other clothes rails + a trouser rack. So a total of 5 clothes rails. Above we have extra storage compartments for towels and laundry and I bought a drawer for summer shoes and sensitive shoes in the wide part below. There are also 3 chests of drawers with 6 drawers each (2 of which are small next to each other) and x boxes with summer / winter clothes in the basement.

    Conclusion: you can never have too few wardrobes, but you have to be careful that they don't overwhelm you!

  • I spend the night in a country house style, so we have a cute 5-door wardrobe, of which I have two doors * wink * (1x shelves, 1x rod) and my husband three doors. Unfair, right?
    In addition, the entire bed linen is in the closet including spare blankets and winter blankets in summer, various boxes with memorabilia, computer accessories, LARP clothing blah blah blah.
    We don't even have a shoe cabinet. Daughter with a shoe tick always throws her things around in her room and tries to park about 10 pairs of shoes in front of the door at the same time (risk of being thrown over and ugly).

    BUT: My parents put together a great cupboard from Sweden. It is a combined corner cabinet (partially accessible). So in addition to the walk-in corner cupboard, some elements are built on left and right. It doesn't really take up much space * find * and looks really great, dark gray and silver. * am jealous *

  • When I moved in with my husband, he had a huge 4-door closet!

    Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and we bought a second one. Also with 4 doors again ...
    It's in the office .....!

    We both have too many clothes !!!



  • We have just "slammed" the bedroom again and also with the Swedish model ... (in high, that also fits in with us, I also think the interior is pretty great). "Pretty" is different, but I have as many clothes as shoes ...;)
    So I have a total of 4 m (of which 50 cm at 35 cm depth for flat-packed goods, i.e. T-shirts, sweaters etc.), Mr. Nil has 3.50 m (of which also 50 cm at 35 cm depth, in which he has his shoes), then we have another 1.50 m together (bed linen, towels, etc.) .... My space is actually not enough, but there wasn't more, we simply don't have more space ... jackets / coats etc. hang anyway already in the hallway, shoes and handbags in the study ...
    But I have clearly more clothes than the "average woman" ....;)

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  • We have together a small wardrobe, 3 very narrow doors about 1.50 wide and a chest of drawers. Not only are there clothes in there, but also the bed linen and towels. And I have the feeling that I still have too many clothes.


    So we are still thinking and looking.

    We actually want a wardrobe from PAX at Sweden's. At first we thought we would have a total length of 3 m, but then we noticed when measuring that when you came into the room, the cupboard would be right in front of you.

    (That was 3x double cabinets, one for me, one for him and one in the middle for other stuff.)

    Then we had an idea, two double closets for me and for him, and in the middle - only one "one door" - closet.

    Now I've totally forgotten that bed linen, bath towels, etc. have to be put in there, too. We would have bought a large chest of drawers, but I'm not sure.

    I still had one idea, we still buy 3x double cabinets from the Swede, the two "main cabinets", for him and for me, should be where the cabinet normally stands, and the other cabinet, which should actually be in the middle of the Both of you, come to the other side of the room.
    That would be one of these: image>

    do you think it is possible that this is in a different place in the room? and the other two closets together?

  • We have 3m together (I think), of which about 2/3 belong to me and Schatzi's third also houses my jackets and my ball gown + hoop skirt. Next to the closet I have a small shelf for my T-shirts and sweaters and underwear is stored in three wooden boxes (underwear = underwear + socks + sports T-shirts). Bed linen is under the bed in such an under-bed chest of drawers.
    It's still enough ... just about. But basically I have to throw out one or two old ones for each new part (which is not so difficult for me because I still have a lot of ancient clothes, but also a clutter, so it doesn't go on for long).
    Take more than 3m if possible. A woman always gets a wardrobe full ...

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  • When we are done with building, my wardrobe is about 10 square meters (the slopes have already been removed).

    But we also have a very small and cozy bedroom and have treated ourselves to the luxury of a walk-in closet.

    At the moment everyone has their own 3-door closet and there is not enough space in the back and front!

  • We also have the "Pax" model from I * ea, a total of 3.50 m wide and 2.40 m high, but some of it is adapted to the sloping roof.
    Thanks to the good equipment parts fit in there and we are absolutely thrilled (and the look does the rest * g *)


  • Since my wardrobe, including some of the clothes, was moldy in January last year, I only have one large chest of drawers at the moment. It works, but it's not really enough; my husband has a part in it.
    Fortunately, there are already larger cupboards in the new apartment.

    lg heiki

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  • We have a total of approx. 7 m of wardrobe (3.5 of which are in the attic and alternate between summer and winter wardrobe and evening dresses).
    It sounds like a lot, but it could be more, it all depends very much ...
    Also kept bed linen, jackets and coats in it.

  • i forgot that we still have a large chest of drawers in which i can store sports gear, winter equipment (scarves, hats, gloves) and swimwear ...

    I would like to expand my cabinet to nil's cabinet dimensions: O

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  • @kruemel ... but that's too small ...;) ...
    This is half of it, and an old picture ... (shocked at myself)
    [Blocked Image:]

    It's time I made a nice dressing room ...

    If there are no arguments, the result is usually a ban
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  • * fall over *

    to be honest, I could have bet that YOU definitely have a dressing room

    Life is not about sitting out the storm.
    It's about learning how to dance in the rain.