What is the purpose of being proud

That's why caregivers can be proud of themselves

Strange thing actually, because sooner or later care will be a part of most people's lives, even if it's just the fact that a loved one or friend needs caring for.

In hardly any other profession is the relationship with other people as intense as in nursing. And that is extremely important.

Care is not about new washing machines, cheap insurance or a shelf that has just been installed. It is about the survival of people, about their greatest possible well-being, about their dignity and their self-determination.

And everyone who comes into contact with nursing can feel that. Then why the lack of appreciation?

Because anyone can do that? Washing, serving food, covering up, isn't a problem, isn't it?

Not everyone can do that. You need broad and solid specialist knowledge, you have to be able to tackle things, you need a lot of patience and love in yourself, you have to be empathetic and caring. You have to be able to accept the other person in your humanity and be ready to help them.

You may have to repeat this over and over again with great clarity until recognition, appreciation and respect for the nursing staff do justice to what is being done. "Done", that always sounds so materialistic and like business administration.

But it's not just about work, but also and above all about humanity. About existence, about care, about the passion that goes into care.

And all of that - the whole being with which they help other people, their motivation, their willingness - all nurses can be damn proud. And grateful to everyone else.

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