How can custom-made furniture be designed differently?

Made-to-measure furniture from Frohraum

Made-to-measure solid wood furniture

Frohraum produces custom-made furniture from high-quality solid wood for you. Use our furniture configurator, plan and create yours individual dream furniture massively made to measure in our online shop. Determine the length, width, height, panel thickness, type of wood and much more. Plan and configure your dream furniture directly with us. We'll do the rest and deliver your order free of charge.

Feel free to contact us at any time for a personal consultation and configure your new dining table, TV & lowboards, coffee table or your new bed, shelf, sideboard. You will also find matching chairs, benches, bedside tables, cubes, mattresses and slatted frames with us. Also new in the range are beds with drawers for extra storage space in the bedroom.

Are you not in the mood for the or do you need help setting it up? No problem, just book our inexpensive assembly service and you don't have to worry about anything.

Why Frohraum?

Do you own a lot of furniture from a Swedish furniture store and now see the time has come to switch to high-quality and sustainable products? Perhaps you have arrived at work and family life after a long period of study and would like to adapt your institution accordingly to longer-term objectives. Your children may be out of the house and you want to give the former playroom a new cosiness. Or you already own a lot of real wood furniture and would like to expand your interior selectively and in a coordinated manner.

Whatever your needs, Frohraum offers you the answer in the form of individually designed furniture made of high-quality solid wood at fair prices. With us, your dreams of a perfect facility are in the foreground and nothing in the way of making them come true!

our philosophy

Since our foundation in 2013, we have focused primarily on three essential features: individuality, sustainability and fair prices!

  • individuality plays an outstanding role for us. We strive to recognize the uniqueness of people and trees and to do justice to them. That's why we want you to get involved in the design and create furniture with character.
  • sustainability takes place with us on several levels. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the quality and durability of your custom-made furniture. See, smell and feel real wood from Frohraum - for a lifetime.
  • Fair prices are trademarks of Frohraum. Because only through our skilfully coordinated production chain can we offer this manufacturing quality at such low prices.

Custom-made furniture in manufacture quality from Frohraum

In order to guarantee consistently high quality, we set very high standards for ourselves and our partners. We buy our wood exclusively from sustainable forestry before it is further processed into your piece of furniture in our affiliated workshops. There our experienced carpenters ensure that your specifications are implemented to the centimeter according to your dimensions. At Frohraum, each piece is unique and your dream furniture is just a click away.

Furniture for the ages

From an ecological as well as economic point of view, it is important to us to manufacture natural wood furniture with a long lifespan. That is why we only use high-quality and robust solid wood, which, thanks to its natural resistance, can cope with the challenges of a lively everyday life. For optimal care, we recommend an appropriate surface treatment (oiled, waxed or lacquered), which helps to protect your furniture and to support the natural moisture regulation of solid wood.

The Freoom configurator

The online configurator is the heart of the creation of your new furniture. We would like to briefly introduce this to you here:

  • In the first menu item choose the important dimensions, length, width, height, headboard height, insert depth and the leg profile. The interactive 3D view helps you to visualize the specified values ​​and thus to check whether they are correct. All changes are shown here for you immediately and you can examine the sketch of the piece of furniture you are currently making from all angles until you are completely happy with the selected settings.
  • In the second menu item then decide on the material and its properties. You can choose from the seven types of wood listed below.
  • You can also choose between the options "finger-jointed slats" and "continuous slats". The first option (kgl) consists of lamellas glued together with a size between 25-50 cm. These create a lively, parquet-like image. In the second variant (the like), on the other hand, long, evenly long lamellae are glued, which create a calmer wood image. Since there is less scrap with finger-jointed gluing, it is cheaper, but not inferior in quality. Here you can find out more about choosing your plate type.
    You can also select the panel thickness, 26 mm or 40 mm, and the type of surface protection in this menu item. In addition to the 3D view, the large material view in the configurator helps you visualize your settings.
  • In the third menu item you can only determine whether you want to book our assembly service or take over the assembly yourself.
  • Depending on the piece of furniture there is additional menu items. For example, you can configure drawers for our tables, the backrests with upholstery in the case of benches or the headboard in the case of beds.
  • Our shelves have their own innovative configurator, which allows you to adapt all columns including their properties, thus opening up almost unlimited configuration options.
  • Once your configuration is complete, you can save your setting, download it as a PDF or add it to the shopping cart and order it directly.

Frohraum furniture fits like a glove

For us, custom-made furniture actually means custom-made, according to your ideas, including all special requests. Would you like an oversized bed? No problem! Do you need individual shelves for the sloping roof or a niche? We can do that too! A sideboard with a rotating shelf for the television? Nothing better than that! The more complicated the challenge, the more sensible it is to have precisely tailored furniture from Frohraum.
Explore the world of Frohraum and forget the limits of what is possible!

Made-to-measure solid wood furniture - eight times spoiled for choice

At Frohraum you can choose between seven different types of wood:

Every wood has its advantages and sometimes only develops its full effect in certain combinations. Do you still fluctuate between two types of wood? Use our service and let us send you two free wood samples to help you decide. With additional elements or materials, you can design creative and modern custom-made furniture. Friends of a natural facility do not miss out with us either.

We would be happy to help you plan your real wood furniture. Talk to us by phone, email or in person in our showrooms in Berlin and Munich. We look forward to you!