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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 !: Which Taylor property would you want?


Taylor Swift has already achieved remarkable things as a musician. Her real estate portfolio is currently no less impressive: she owns eight luxurious properties.

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Taylor Swift has sold over 185 million records in her career, and her album "1989" alone went platinum 47 times. Her music won 29 American Music Awards, which means she has more trophies at home than Michael Jackson. According to "Business Insider", this mega-success brought her a fortune of a good 360 million francs. Taylor Swift invests almost 22 percent of this in real estate - she has eight luxury properties (worth 80 million Swiss francs) in her portfolio.

In 2014 Taylor Swift bought two apartments in the trendy New York district of Tribeca and had the rooms merged. The result was a fat duplex loft with ten bedrooms and bathrooms. By the way, the seller was Peter Jackson, the director of "The Lord of the Rings".

Just three years later, Taylor Swift expanded her New York holdings and bought a townhouse next to her apartments in Tribeca. Purchase price: 12.5 million francs.

3. Beach house on Rhode Island

In 2016, Taylor bought an impressive beach house with over 1000 square meters of living space in the posh coastal town of Watch Hill for 17 million francs (allegedly she paid the purchase price in cash). Seven bedrooms and eight chimneys ensure cosiness, and over 200 meters of private beach access provide enough privacy.

4. Townhouse in New York's West Village

Apparently, the singer can't get enough of New York real estate, so she bought a townhouse right away. This time she acquired a 1912 townhouse in the West Village. With seven bedrooms and a huge indoor pool, this property is pretty luxurious too. Taylor had a terrace built on the roof with a jacuzzi and barbecue area.

5. Beverly Hills property

Taylor Swift owns three properties in Los Angeles, but this property in the posh Beverly Hills district is one of the most impressive. The house with 900 square meters of living space is currently under renovation.

6. Cool penthouse in Nashville

The industrial-style penthouse in Nashville was the first property in Taylor Swift's portfolio. At 280 square meters, the apartment is relatively small by Swift standards, but the window fronts allow a wonderful view of the city.

With the success, the properties also got bigger. Shortly after the apartment in Nashville, Taylor bought a slightly larger house in the US state. There she suddenly had 600 square meters to spread out, and also a guest house with 200 square meters of living space.


8. Ranch in Beverly Hills

It is in this ranch-style house that Taylor Swift lives out her love for fine wine. In addition to four bedrooms, the singer also had an air-conditioned wine cellar built in for over 1000 bottles.

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