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"Doctor Strange" is about the neurosurgeon Stephen Strange, who discovers the hidden world of magic and the alternative dimensions after a terrible car accident. "ActioneditKaecilius, a magician, kills the Kamar-Taj librarian and steals pages from the book of Cagliostro about a dangerous ritual. The eldest, the former master of Kaecilius, tries to stop him, but he escapes.Dr. Stephen Strange, a famous and wealthy neurosurgeon, is known for his arrogance at the hospital where he works. He performs the most complicated procedures with ease. He shows interest in Christine Palmer, but his arrogance prevents a relationship.When Dr. Strange drives his sports car to an event, a serious accident occurs because he is distracted from the traffic by remote diagnosis. His car overturned several times and his hands were crushed in the dashboard. The wrecked car is found hours later.When Dr. Strange wakes up in the hospital and is appalled by the severity of his injury. He blames his colleagues for not being able to save his hands. He says he could have patched up the neurological damage on his hands. Dr. Strange gets his colleagues to operate on him again and again, even with experimental methods, but none of them have any effect and his hands are still restricted in mobility. A world is collapsing for him because he has defined himself through his skills as a surgeon. During a rehab session that Strange finds pointless, his therapist tells him about a paraplegic man who was able to walk again. Strange doesn't believe him, which is why the therapist sends him the patient's file. Strange then visits Jonathan Pangborn, the patient, who tells him where he was healed. Dr. Stange spends the last of his money and travels to Kathmandu to find Kamar-Taj.In Kathmandu he asks his way around in the hope that someone will know Kamar-Taj. In an alley, Dr. Strange ambushed by muggers trying to steal his watch, his last possession. He is beaten up but rescued by Mordo, who heard that Strange was looking for Kamar-Taj. He leads Strange to the elder, in Kamar-Taj.The eldest explains to Strange how the world really works, but he doesn't believe in magic and chakras. To convince him, she separates his soul from his body, shows him other dimensions and magic. Strange eagerly wants to learn all of this, but the eldest becomes concerned and throws him out. Strange tries to get back inside for five hours. Mordo stands up for Strange, and the elder changes her mind. Dr. Strange begins.Strange has trouble using magic, but is an avid student. In the beginning he still had great problems opening portals with a sling ring, but he kept improving. Wong, the new librarian, is amazed at Strange's quick way of learning. In the library, Strange also discovers the book from which Kaecilius had stolen the pages. Wong explains to him that there is no such thing as forbidden knowledge, only forbidden practices.Strange keeps learning, even from the more dangerous books. In doing so, he discovers instructions for the Agamotto eye that is kept nearby. He puts the chain on and realizes that he can use it to manipulate time by making the time for an apple run faster backwards and forwards. The Masters notice this and rebuke Strange. They explain to him that manipulating time can create paradoxes which, in the worst case, time itself could obliterate.Immediately afterwards, Kaecilius attacks a temple in London. Strange ends up in the New York temple through a portal and has to help defend it shortly afterwards. It is explained to him that this temple, the one in London and the one in Hong Kong protect the world from threats from other dimensions. In the fight against Kaecilius' followers, Dr. Strange as a master. This helps him to make Kaecilius harmless. Kaecilius tells Strange of his plans. He is afraid of time and inevitable death, which is why he wants to open the way to earth for Dormammu, a being from a dimension in which there is no time. He tries to get Strange to his side, which he almost succeeds. Strange refuses, however. Strange is seriously injured by one of Kaecilius' followers, Lucian, and Kaecilius escapes. Strange can just open a portal to his hospital and collapses in front of Christine Palmer. On the operating table, Strange switches to the astral plane to support Christine with the operation. Lucian is stopped by Strange's coat. He also leaves his body to follow Strange. A battle on the astral plane breaks out between Lucian and Strange, which Strange wins by having Christine give his body electric shocks, which give his spirit more strength. Back in his body, he says goodbye to the confused Christine and returns to the Sanctum Sanctorum.Strange had learned from Kaecilius that the Elder used the dark energy of Dormammu's dimension to be immortal. Mordo doubts her and Strange has doubts too. The oldest says that sometimes you have to break rules.When it comes to the renewed battle for the New York Temple, Strange and Mordo have no chance against Kaecilius. Dr. Strange succeeds in using the mirror dimension to protect the New York temple from the worst damage. In the mirror dimension, however, the forces of Kaecilius and his followers are much stronger due to their connection to the dark dimension. The eldest interferes in the fight and is seriously injured by Kaecilius. Strange brings her to Christine, but the eldest is dying. She leaves her body and changes to the astral plane, since time can pass more slowly there. She says goodbye to Strange. She knew for a long time that she would die here.Dr. Strange and Mordo follow the other masters to Hong Kong to defend the last temple, but they are too late. The temple was also destroyed and all the masters were killed. With the eye of Agamotto, Strange lets time run backwards and so revives all victims. Nevertheless, Dormammu's dimension breaks through the sky. Strange and Mordo face off again against Kaecilius and his followers. Strange realizes that there is only one way to stop Dormammu. He flies in Dormammu's dimension and performs a spell with the eye of Agamotto.Once there, he offers Dormammu to negotiate. Dormammu just laughs at this and kills Dr. Strange. Again, Dr. Strange in front of Dormammu and offers him negotiations. Dormammu kills him again. Dormammu realizes that something is wrong. Strange explains to him that he has created a time warp in which the moment repeats itself until Dormammu is ready to spare the earth and withdraw his followers from the earth. Angry that he is trapped in time as a timeless being, he kills Strange over and over again. Strange endures it until Dormammu gives up. He withdraws into his dimension and takes Kaecilius and his followers with him. Strange then restores the Hong Kong temple.Mordo is appalled by Strange's gimmick over time. He cannot approve of how the world was saved. After learning the truth about the elder and watching Strange break the rules too, he turns away from the other masters.Dr. Strange casts off Agamotto's eye because he doesn't feel ready for it yet. Wong also says that you shouldn't be careless with an infinity stone.Some time later, Dr. Strange in his new seat in the New York Temple, visit. Dr. Strange asks Thor about his adoptive brother Loki and why he brought him back to Earth. Thor explains that they are looking for their missing father, Odin, who is said to be on Earth. When Thor assures him that he and Loki will promptly leave Earth as soon as they find Odin, Dr. Ask for his help in the search.Meanwhile, Mordo attacks Pangborn, who can walk with magic despite his injuries. Mordo drains his power and says there are too many magicians. The governments of 117 states come to an agreement after the events in Sokovia, when Ultron wanted to exterminate humanity and the Avengers intervened, that there should be a control authority over the Avengers in the future. This is to ensure that the superheroes only become active on instruction. The details of this are to be decided by the United Nations in the Sokovia Agreement. Before this decision is made, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Thaddeus Ross, wants to obtain the basic approval of the Avengers to abide by this agreement.While Tony Stark, still guilty of creating Ultron, is in favor of the deal, Captain America disagrees: his experiences with the government and S.H.I.E.L.D. (see The Return of the First Avenger) give him fear that the supervisory authority could act against the moral ideas of the team ("What if they send us where we don't want to go? Or we want to go where, and they don't allow it ? "). The rest of the team is also divided on the matter. Iron Man has support from Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Vision (Paul Bettany) and War Machine (Don Cheadle). Captain America leads the resisters, including Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the initially indecisive Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).When Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon and Scarlet Witch pursue the terrorist Crossbones to Nigeria and he steals a biological weapon there, a catastrophe breaks out: Crossbones mentions to Steve that Bucky Barnes had woken up from his brainwashing and mocks him. As a result, Steve is distracted and does not notice that Crossbones wants to kill himself and Steve with an explosive vest. When he detonates the explosives, Scarlet Witch intervenes. They contain the explosion and throw crossbones up into the air next to a high-rise building. However, she does not manage to throw him high enough and so Crossbones kills a group of traders from Wakanda who were in the building.Black Widow is now determined to support the agreement and is traveling to Vienna to be signed. She meets with King T'Chaka of Wakanda and his son T'Challa. While T'Chaka speaks in front of the meeting, the UNO city is the target of a bomb attack. Security cameras identify Bucky as the perpetrator and T'Challa vows to avenge his father. Contrary to Natascha's warning, Steve and Sam Wilson decide to look for Bucky on their own.Sharon Carter gives Steve the crucial tip where Bucky is and that International Specialists are already on their way. Steve enters Bucky's apartment and tries to talk to him - but Bucky remains silent and assaults the arriving police officers. He is stopped on the neighboring roof by Black Panther, whereupon both Bucky, Steve and Sam are arrested. T'Challa enjoys diplomatic immunity and is therefore only asked not to defend himself and to come along.They are taken to Berlin, where Bucky is questioned by a psychiatrist. However, the man turns out to be Helmut Zemo, who killed the actual psychiatrist and now reactivates the brainwashing in Bucky with the help of a stolen book. Zemo escapes after receiving information from Bucky, while Steve can stop Bucky and bring him back to his senses.Bucky tells Steve that Zemo wanted information on the Siberian base of the Winter Soldier program. They want to fly there, but fear being stopped by Iron Man and arrested again. Falcon contacts Ant-Man to help them, and Steve calls Hawkeye for help. Hawkeye also frees Scarlet Witch from Avengers headquarters, where she was "held" by Vision on Tony's instructions. Meanwhile, Iron Man gets support for the planned arrest of the "criminal Avengers" - in the form of Spider-Man. At the airport, the two teams fight after Steve refuses to give up and Tony refuses to believe in Bucky's innocence. While most of Cap's team are arrested, Black Widow lets Steve and Bucky escape in a Quinjet. Iron Man and War Machine follow the Quinjet when a vision hits War Machine's arc reactor with a beam of energy that should hit Falcon's engine. War Machine falls unchecked to the ground and injures his spine.A little later, Tony receives information from Berlin that reveals Zemo's machinations. He follows Steve and Bucky to Siberia and is in turn pursued by T'Challa. Steve and Tony make a truce and explore the base together until they meet Zemo. He plays them a 1991 surveillance tape of Bucky killing Howard and Maria Stark to steal Super Soldier serum. In a blind rage, Tony attacks Bucky and asks Steve, when he intervenes, if he knew that. Steve has to admit that he knew about the murder, but not that it was Bucky. The three fight while Zemo finds a place to commit suicide. He had lost his family in Sokovia and wanted the Avengers to kill each other - which he now believes he has achieved. T'Challa prevents Zemo's suicide and realizes that he doesn't want to be completely consumed by revenge like Zemo.Iron Man defeats the Winter Soldier and rips off his robotic arm, but Captain America knocks down Iron Man and destroys his arc reactor. Then he leaves the base with Bucky and leaves his shield - accepting that he no longer deserves it. He then frees the other Avengers from Thaddeus Ross's prison and travels to Wakanda, where T'Challa, at Bucky's request, "puts the Winter Soldier on hold" as long as nothing can be done about Hydra's brainwashing. Deadpool is an American comic film adaptation. The film starts in 2016. The cinema release is scheduled for February 11th. The US theatrical release is scheduled to take place on February 12th. Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and Ed Skrein can be seen in the leading roles. It is the eighth part of the X-Men film universe.Wade Wilson, a former soldier, now a mercenary, falls in love with the prostitute Vanessa. Happiness is perfect, but the night Wade proposes to her, he passes out. The diagnosis: terminal cancer. While Vanessa believes they can do it, Wade loses all hope. He meets the recruiter in the bar, where Wade regularly accepts smaller jobs. He offers healing to Wade and more. He's supposed to be a real superhero. However, he initially rejects the offer. He thinks about it for a while and decides that he can't leave Vanessa alone. Ultimately, he leaves her in the middle of the night without saying what he's up to and reports to the recruiter.