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Traveler experiences in Tibet

June 2019

Our 2-week trip to Tibet was full of very special and unforgettable impressions and will always be remembered. It was a very special “revival” of a group of youth friends who met in the sports club almost 40 years ago and have kept in touch ever since. Both the cultural part in Lhasa and Shigatse as well as the breathtaking (sometimes actually breathtaking ... ;-) ...) scenic and spiritual impressions of Mt. Everest and the Kailash Kora, as well as all experiences with the country and its people will all come from us now accompany.

We were really very satisfied with the local travel companion. Our local Tibetan guide Tenzin really had very good know-how on all topics - history, Buddhism, geography, geology, contemporary lore, etc. As a modern Tibetan he was also able to build a particularly good and differentiated bridge to the Tibetan / Chinese context . I would also like to particularly emphasize Tenzin's openness to our wishes and his organizational talent. As an example, I can cite the fact that he took care of the oxygen reserves and pulled out all the stops when a member of our tour group lost the courage to go along with the Kora and Tenzin had good suggestions on how to deal with it . In the end it didn't even need Plan B and all 6 of us were able to safely complete the Kailash Kora. The recommendations for the restaurants and the help as a translator was always great. The bus driver Dashi was also very reliable and got us safely through the 2 weeks. The bus mucked a bit early in the second week when it started, but Dashi always got it going ... All in all, the hotels were absolutely ok, and better equipped than expected in the larger cities. The only exception was the hotel on the first night in Saga. That was probably chosen because it was newer than the one usually chosen, but it turned out to be a Chinese sham. During the second night in Saga after the Kailash Kora, Tenzin had rescheduled on his own, and the hotel was then Tibetan cozy and well equipped. The dormitories in the guest houses were also ok and not expected otherwise. Having a sleeping bag and toilet paper with you has definitely proven its worth. And the fact that Indian tour groups often made a lot of noise in the guest houses and stormed into our room is nothing that could be changed ... We then let our 1.95 tall and blond fellow traveler sleep at the door, who then already could put the loud Indians to flight ... ;-)

We were very satisfied with the route and it was a very good mix of culture and landscape experiences. The route also took into account the acclimatization for the “climax” on Kailash very well. We were able to finalize the travel route locally in Lhasa with the local office manager René and have again adjusted that after visiting the Rongbuk Monastery we will spend the night in Old Tingri on the way west. This has also proven to be sensible, because an early overnight stay at 5000m in Rongbuk Monastery would certainly have left its mark. The next day we met another tour group in Saga who had done this, and some of the participants didn't look good ... So you can definitely recommend this for future route planning. The chosen Tibetan hotel in Old Tingri was also really nice and opened up another view of the main Himalayan chain.

I was also very happy with your organization. One can clearly see the great experience with such rather unusual travel destinations. I found your very quick and specific replies and the clear statements on the necessary steps to be particularly remarkable. Also the support with the non-trivial Visa / Permit process through Visa? As in connection with you, we really appreciated.

All in all, I and the tour participants will be happy to travel with Dimsum again if it comes up again in the future. I would also like to add that I found the price / performance ratio for the trip to be really good. Please send greetings again and thank you very much to René and the local office and to our guide Tenzin. We are also planning to put together a slide show for private use, of which we will be happy to provide a copy if of interest.

August 2017

The trip was a unique, unforgettable, intense experience.
We would like to thank you very much, because the travel organization worked 100% as planned. The first little misunderstanding about the permit could be cleared up very quickly. The holiday lived up to the description and we had prepared ourselves well and were right with our equipment.
We were looked after at all stages of the trip and the contact persons were available to us if necessary. We were particularly satisfied with our guide and driver in Tibet during our tour. The guide Tensin Nyendrak was able to convey the country & nature, the people and the Buddhist culture to us in a well-founded manner. Our small requests for natural sights or small deviations from the tour were taken into account at all times. The driver Tensin gave us a very good and safe feeling, despite some adverse road conditions.
The accommodations have varied, sometimes we had very good hotels and sometimes simple accommodations, but all of them were according to the description. The location of the accommodations was great.
Unfortunately we had neither dinner nor breakfast in Chengdu (arrival around 9:30 pm and check in, then it was too late / departure before breakfast). An hour in the morning before the onward flight would have been enough for the pandas, but that was not possible. A later flight would certainly be appropriate here. Otherwise we were very satisfied with the route, especially the train ride from Xining to Lhasa and of course the tour to Mount Everest. The monasteries gave us a good insight into Buddhist life, but at the end of the trip we omitted one monastery. According to our taste, one or two monasteries less would have been better. Perhaps a point in nature (river with a strong current or a suspension bridge) or an additional nomadic accommodation would have appealed to us even more personally. The flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu was delayed by 3 hours, but that didn't detract from our travel experience.
The organization of Dimsum trips was TOP. All local tour guides took care of us.
Next year we are not planning another trip to Asia for the time being, but we can imagine planning and traveling with you again. We can highly recommend you to our circle of friends and acquaintances.
Best wishes