What is maintainability in OOP

Object-oriented aspects
Programming (OOP)
in lingo

Attempted definition

"Object-oriented programming (OOP):
A modern approach to software development,
where objects (specific units of
Program code) as the main unit for
Development of new software can be used.
Lingo is an object-oriented one
Programming language."

Jason Roberts, Director 6, Official Guide, Addison-Wesley 1998

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Information hiding
Deliberate hiding of information within the object

Data abstraction
Internal object data are represented externally by an interface (abstracted)

Classes can inherit properties from other classes

Dynamic bond
Messages are processed while the program is running

Advantages of object-oriented programming

Readability of the programs
Focus on the data
Structuring the information
Distributed state and responsibilities
Easier maintainability of the programs
Easy expandability of the software
Recyclability of software

Have objects

- properties,
which characterize the concrete object
(property's = variables in an object
be valid)

- Methods,
with which the properties of the
Object can be changed or adjusted
(Event handler based on object-related
Respond to messages)

[Constructor, get & set methods, and much more. ]