The fire extinguishing equipment is still improving

panorama : Disaster control: are ICE tunnels safe?

According to ZDF, there are significant safety deficiencies in the tunnels of the new ICE line between Fulda and Kassel. The program "Länderspiegel" reported yesterday, citing an unpublished study by the Kassel Regional Council, that "elementary safety precautions" were missing in numerous tunnels on the high-speed line that was opened in 1991. It is criticized that there is no second tube for rescue teams in the often long tunnels and that there are also no shelters in which passengers could wait for the rescue workers in the event of a fire. In addition, the extinguishing water supply is inadequate. The district administrator of the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district, Roland Hühn, accused the railway of inadequate cooperation with the state disaster control agencies.

A railway spokesman said in the evening in response to the ZDF report that the railway wanted to improve fire protection in tunnels on the ICE route near Kassel. For example, access for emergency services, rescue stations and the marking of escape routes should be improved. Previously, railway spokesman Kusznir had rejected the allegations. A different safety concept applies to the tunnels, he said. It corresponds to the applicable guidelines. After that, the railway stationed six special rescue trains on the new Hanover-Würzburg line, which is rich in tunnels. You can use fire extinguishing equipment to drive to a crashed train in the tunnel. Those who have had an accident can be brought outside with special ambulances.

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