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Free thinkers: 10 things that creatives do differently

Creativity is a key resource for the future. If you want to stay at the top, you continuously need new ideas and people who come up with these ideas. But what makes a creative person? Hard to say. Creativity is an elusive concept. Psychologists and neuroscientists have been trying to figure out how it comes about for decades. Creative people are multi-layered, their complexity is probably the only thing that unites them. You look at the world with different eyes. What creative minds do differently ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Creative people switch quickly

Brain researchers have been looking for the seat of creativity for decades. What is certain is that it arises in our heads. They found out that there is no single area of ​​creativity, but that many different brain regions are active in the processing of creative tasks. The brain researcher Andreas Fink speaks of Interaction between the centers.

The speed at which the brain works plays an important role. When measuring brain waves, for example, it was shown that creative people are able to quickly switch back and forth between a low and a high speed. Exactly this ability is needed in creative processes, because these run in phases and a phase of reverie (slow brain rhythm) is followed by a phase of extreme concentration (fast brain rhythm).

Working conditions that encourage creativity

  • communication
    Every employee should have the opportunity to simply be able to say freely what is going through their head. None of his utterances should be condemned.
  • exchange
    Communication between employees should be promoted and intensified. Many ideas arise spontaneously, for example in a discussion over coffee.
  • error
    The possibility of making mistakes should be given. Trial and error is an important part of generating ideas. But if an employee has to fear that his career will be damaged by mistakes, he will not break new ground.
  • Freedom from stress
    Good ideas can only arise in a stress-free environment. When trying too hard to generate an idea, the brain blocks. When looking for ideas, it is also important that there is an opportunity to pause. If you still have tons of tasks to do on the side, you won't be able to concentrate on the search.
  • time pressure
    Coming up with a good idea in a short period of time is difficult and stressful. The time for brainstorming should therefore not be too short. Of course, it doesn't work entirely without it, because otherwise a postponement mentality arises.

What creatives do differently

Creative people are often said to be particularly chaotic and somehow unworldly. These are often just clichés, but it is true that they perceive the world differently and often have a different approach. For this reason, others often cannot understand where all the ideas come from, the creative minds seem to just fly to. We have compiled a list of ten things creative people do differently to inspire you to change your perspective. If you would like to be more creative yourself, you don't have to implement everything right away, but you might find what suits you best.

You don't think daydreams are a waste of time

Letting your mind wander promotes the emergence of new ideas. The best ideas often arise when we don't concentrate on a specific task, but rather don't think about anything in particular in a relaxed manner. The brain researcher Andreas Fink found out with the help of measurements of the brain waves that a slow brain rhythm is helpful for creative processes.

So-called alpha waves could be measured in people during a daydream. Alpha waves occur when a person is in a relaxed state, one is practically in stand-by mode - and the ability to remember and learn is increased.

You have a precise power of observation

Creatives watch everything. You are driven by an irrepressible curiosity, want to understand and learn. What they observe gives them new ideas. For this reason, the writer Joan Didion always carried a notebook with her.

They are looking for new experiences

Creative people are open to new experiences and to expand their wealth of experience. They like to try things out. Because in these experiences lies the inspiration for your ideas. It also means to leave your own snail shell and think outside the box.

They make connections

Creativity has a lot to do with making connections that are new. To relate things that don't seem to go together at first sight. These connections create something new. Creative people see such connections.

You take advantage of life crises

Breakup, pain, and loss can be the catalyst for big ideas. Psychologists speak of "post-traumatic growth". It means that people use blows of fate to take a different perspective and recognize new opportunities. That is conducive to creativity.

You take risks

How do you know if something is working or not? You just try it out. If it doesn't work out, you take a different route. Often creative people are not afraid of making mistakes. They take risks and try out their ideas. In a Forbes article, Steven Kotler describes how Albert Einstein couldn't swim. However, that didn't stop him from making sailing a hobby.

You have no problem with being alone

Many creative people like to withdraw. You are looking for opportunities to go into yourself and to deal with your own thoughts. Opportunities to retreat can help you to find your own flow, a state in which creativity is at its peak and you can completely devote yourself to your work.

You break with familiar thought patterns

Many creative people are lateral thinkers. You dare to leave habits behind and look at things from a different perspective. You do not close yourself to certain solutions to a problem right from the start, but allow everyone, including the absurd. This approach allows you to discover unexpected connections.

You want to realize yourself

Creativity is always a way of expressing yourself. Through their work, creative people express their wishes, dreams, visions and needs. They see the world as a playground to do this in different ways.

They pursue their passion

Creatives feel an inner motivation in what they do. They are passionate about their work. This attitude allows them to fully enjoy their work and encourages them to do their best. Even defeat and external resistance cannot dissuade them.

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