Which DSLR camera is recommended for beginners

Which camera do I buy as a beginner?

I'm telling you here which technology you really should really buy if you want to start taking pictures.

And that's actually not that much;)


Brief summary / content


As a beginner, buy cheap cameras!

There are always two approaches to buying technology:

  1. First buy cheap - "if you like it you can always upgrade"
  2. Buy high-end equipment straight away - "if you buy cheap, you buy twice"

However, the cameras from the major manufacturers are all really good - even the cheap ones. That's why I recommend one for beginners cheap camera to to buy.
Only when you have gone deep into photography will you at some point notice the difference to the more expensive cameras. Maybe the cheap camera will be enough for you forever and ever.

"Old" camera models as an alternative
You don't have to buy the latest camera models either - you usually get the predecessor models much cheaper without them being significantly worse.
But that's a matter of taste - I always prefer to buy the latest model;)


Single lens reflex camera (DSLR), system camera or compact camera?

I'm not going to give you a huge explanation about the different cameras, but just outline the different types and give you a specific purchase recommendation.

There are three categories of cameras that are suitable for beginners: SLR-Cameras (also abbreviated DSLR), System cameras and compact cameras.

System cameras, compact cameras and single-lens reflex cameras for beginners


SLR cameras for beginners

The camera consists of the camera body and an exchangeable lens.

A Canon SLR camera for beginners

Here are the main differences from the other two types of cameras:

Normally you look through the optical viewfinder to see what you are photographing. This means that you can see exactly the section of the environment that you will also see in the picture. The camera settings have no effect on the viewfinder image. For example, if you have set the camera so that the photo will be underexposed, the viewfinder image will still look normal.

height and weight
SLR cameras are usually larger than the other two types of cameras. This makes them less suitable as cameras that are always with you, but they are very easy to grip.


Recommended camera bodies for beginners

As already written above, I recommend you to buy a cheap entry-level camera.
Here comes e.g. the Canon 1300D * Amazon partner link in question. This is very small. This is good for some, but people with larger hands often complain that it is difficult to grip.

A bigger alternative is that Canon 800D* Amazon partner link. It's also better than the 1300D in some categories - e.g. it takes more frames per second, is a little bit better in low light, and has a swivel display.

If you can afford it, take the 800D. If you have to save forever for the 800D, the 1300D will do very well.

The best camera brands
As you can see, both suggestions are from Canon. It's not because Canon is that much better than the other brands, but I shoot Canon myself and I'm extremely happy with it. Ultimately, you will not notice any qualitative difference between the various manufacturers.


Entry-level lens for SLR cameras

The cameras can usually be bought together with a so-called kit lens, usually 18-55 mm. The indication "x - x mm" relates to the focal length and tells you how far you can zoom with it.

I recommend you, not the kit lens with to to buy, but rather one Tamron 18-270 mm lens* Amazon partner link.

It is a so called "Super zoom lens"- with this you can zoom in much further, e.g. also photograph animals in the zoo that are further away.

Superzooom lenses are perfect for beginners

Many people will think that such a lens is a false recommendation.
There are two reasons for this

  1. it's not as extremely sharp as a lens that costs over 1000 euros (but still so sharp that you won't see a difference)
  2. comparatively little light comes through the lens

However, it has one very important advantage: it does not specialize in any one area of ​​photography. This means:

You can take pictures of almost anything with it!

So you can find out what you really need the lens for.
If at some point you realize that you are mainly taking landscape photos, you can buy another lens for it.
Or do you notice that you are photographing more and more people? Then you can buy special lenses for this too.

In my opinion, buying a super zoom lens is extremely important for the learning process. I took photos with one myself for a long time and was very satisfied with it.

Another lens to start with
If you know very well that you only want to take photos of one topic, you can possibly buy a special lens for it. For example, if you only want to take macro photos, you can also buy a macro lens. Before you buy another lens, you should read the article on focal length and light intensity.
If you are unsure about this, feel free to leave me your question as a comment :)


System cameras

System cameras also consist of a camera body and exchangeable lens.

Mirrorless system camera for beginners from Olympus

The main differences:

You are looking through an electronic viewfinder. This is a small display that shows you the image that has already been recorded by the camera sensor. This means that the camera settings can already be offset in the viewfinder. If the image becomes too dark with the current settings, you will also see a dark image in the viewfinder.

height and weight
The cameras are smaller than SLR cameras, but mostly larger than compact cameras.


Recommended system camera bodies for beginners

Here, too, comes a recommendation from a brand that I own myself: the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III* Amazon partner link

The camera has a very good built-in image stabilizer. This greatly reduces the risk of blurring images.

As you can see, the selected camera is a little more expensive than the suggestions for the SLR cameras. This is due to the fact that the brands that I recommend are not that cheap cameras in their range.

Entry-level lens for system cameras

Again, I recommend a super zoom lens, namely that 14-150 mm* Amazon partner link for the Olympus camera.

The reason is the same as with the SLR camera lenses.


compact cameras

Compact cameras have a built-in lens.

An inexpensive compact camera

If you plan to dig deeper into photography, I recommend you Not Buying a compact camera - they don't give you the opportunity to specialize later.

If you really want to buy a compact camera, it should definitely give you the opportunity to set the following manually: aperture, exposure time, ISO, focus points.
Since I've never bought such a compact camera, I don't want to give you any specific recommendation.


Do i need a flash?

Yes, at some point you will definitely need an extra flash. But don't buy it with your camera, just start taking photos and read through this page :)


Camera bag

Just briefly: You should have a camera bag to protect the camera. At the beginning you do not know what other accessories you will have later that you will have in your pocket.
So my recommendation: first buy a relatively small bag into which your camera with the screwed-on lens fits.


Conclusion - buying a camera for beginners

With the camera and lens recommendations you will be able to take photos very well for a very long time. I myself took pictures with an entry-level SLR camera and superzoom lens for 4 years before I bought something more expensive.

At some point you will specialize in one direction with your photography and then probably buy an extra lens for it - but you still have a lot of time for that :)

Do you have any questions on this topic? Then feel free to leave me a comment.

best regards


*Note on the product links:

I have linked the recommended products on this page to Amazon because:

1. I myself buy almost all of the technology on Amazon and I am very satisfied.
2. If you buy the articles via my links, I get a few cents / euros from Amazon. This does not make the products more expensive for you.

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